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By BigCliff
m.b. wrote:
BigCliff wrote:
m.b. wrote:wait, wait, before we go back to cartoons, i want to hear about which of these current safety regulations that aren't reasonable and what needs to change to make them reasonable.
I didn't say that current FDA regulations aren't reasonable. In my (admittedly non-expert) opinion, I think the FDA does a pretty good job of hitting the right mix of safety while allowing speed to market sufficient for considerable profitability.

My point was that the MMA and other regulators should be improved the the standard of the FDA where it makes sense.
so how much time/speed to market (time to approval) is sufficient for considerable profitability?
It depends on whether you're asking a:

Drug co VP of sales,


A drug co's General Counsel,


A drug co's Board of Directors,


The head of the FDA,


(and yes, I'm admitting that I don't know)
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By ditchdoc
m.b. wrote:so the democrats prove they can't get the job done, in fact they make the situation worse, and the other side should not get a chance to fix it? did we get that right?
Let's had St. Ronnie, Bush I and Bush II, with Bill, for two terms and Jimmy for one in there. So, that makes twenty-four years out of the last 36--with Rep. majorities most of those years What the fuck happened???? Saying the Dems. can't get the job done is bullshit.
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By m.b.
ditchdoc wrote: Saying the Dems. can't get the job done is bullshit.

the vast majority of the citizens of this country disagree. don't believe it? just look at obama's aprroval ratings and the dem congress (that's been in control since when?).... 11 fucking percent.

and you wonder why they only got ~12 of the last 36 years? after this clusterfuck it might me another 36 years before they get it back.

but yeah, it's "bullshit."
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By Rusty Hook
It is a "vast majority" indeed. Just ask President McCain.
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By ditchdoc
Rusty Hook wrote:It is a "vast majority" indeed. Just ask President McCain.
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By BigCliff
Not quite a cartoon, but apparently Dave Chappelle's a modern day nostradamus-

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By Mattb
Tom Toles again:
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