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By Lenny
Where are the No Blood for Oil protestors?

Let me get this straight.

Out of Iraq? Nope

Out of Afghanistan? Nope

Gitmo Closed? Nope

Now, we are fixin to get involved in another mess in Libya.

Who are the rebels anyways? Are they Al Qaeda? Iranian backed?

Where is the media on this one?

Mr. President, say hello to Tom and Gisele in Rio.
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By blumpkin
The Rwandan Genocide was the 1994 mass murder of an estimated 800,000 people in the small East African nation of Rwanda. Over the course of approximately 100 days ...

I do not remember the U.N. doing a whole lot to intervene in this whole mess.

They were hacking each other to death with machetes
If you had some money you could buy a bullet for them to shoot you with
There was an awful lot of rape involved as well
In fact there were "rape camps"

I guess this situation is different... somehow...
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By BigCliff
We'll see.

Gotta wonder what 110 Tomahawks costs though.

Edit: I checked, $62.7 mil.
Gotta wonder what 110 Tomahawks costs though.
I'm sure it's available. This illegal war concerns me more than the cost. Paging Code Pink..... were not even out of Iraq or Afghanistan yet and were picking on the Libyans ...thankfully the French took the lead
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By unskunkable
Somebody told me just a few minutes ago that 110 cruise missiles were launched at the area in and around Tripoli today. I don't know if thats true yet though.
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By Ajax
BigCliff wrote:We'll see.

Gotta wonder what 110 Tomahawks costs though.

Edit: I checked, $62.7 mil.
That's a fuck of a lot less than the $1b per week and 4400 dead men & women that Iraq has cost us. Shit, at that rate we could have given Saddam a daily dose of 15 Tomahawks per week just to keep him in his bunker till he cried uncle, and kept the line hummin' at General Dynamic. Why the fuck we put troops on the ground in these shitholes to fight & die when we have the capability to waste the mooks asses from thousands of miles away is beyond me.
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By blumpkin
Who are the Libyan rebels?

And why are we supporting them?

Would these Libyan rebels piss on an American if they were on fire?

Is it possible that these Libyan rebels are the same people that flooded into Iraq
to fight American troops there?
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By blumpkin
Are we sure that Lady Gaga was consulted before we signed on to this mission...

Because the way I understand it the U.S. military is not authorized to do shit
unless that Lady Gaga guy gives the green light.
By gadflyfisher
Help a brothra out here dude, it seems I'm out of the loop/
Whats with the Gaga refs?

Could it be that we don't much like the rebels either and we delayed long enough to let Moammar take them down a peg or two before we ( from a distance so far) reminded him of how we were pin pointing his tents under Ronnie's regime?
Looking for a stalemate in order to look like we are supporting freedom, democtacy and the little peoples everywhere, when the truth is we just don't want the lunitic blowing up the means of production and transport facilities for Libya's 2% of the oil market.

Where is the albino Aussie when you need him?
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If this doesn't sound like something the muppets at Faux News would say, I don't know who else would make this JUMP to conclusions. As you can see, Barry played his cards brilliantly: the french are leading the way (for the first time in a century plus), with the brits assisting; and then us. Once again, some of you are avoiding the question: Are we the worlds policeman? For once, we don't have to be on the front line of something that CLEARLY is not in our national interest to be leading. Comparing to Iraq? Come on! We aren't "making up" evidence to justify a unilateral war (see Niger and the uranium cake shit C. Powell lied to the UN security council about that didn't exist). Quite the opposite; we are taking our time. At one point Blumpkin wanted him to take more time and shut up earlier on; now it appears that perspective has changed. The guy can't win for losing with some of you. Try to take a step back and be honest about your assumptions and appraisal of the situation.
"Whats he waiting for?!? We CARE about the rebels..." now it's "Oh my god, its gonna be the next Iraq...fuck those rebels, they could be anti-american..." Which way will the wind blow tomorrow?
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By Lenny
Just how I figured you'd react.

My Iraq comparison was in jest. Its not only the highly educated liberals who can see that there is a difference.

Why are we involved with Libya? Why?

Who are the rebels? I'd bet theyre not just freedom-loving blue-collar patriots.

Barry played this one brilliantly?? Thats good. At least you made it thru a post w/o a "teabag" comment.
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