He's pretty good at calling people dog whistling racists. This right here is blatant. But of course we know when you say "Chicago" that is far more racist than using the term "negrohood". I'm sure he'll cover this for days and apply it across the entire democrat party platform.

tailchaser wrote:
LTD wrote:"Shuck and Jive" brother!
I was told the other day that "calling a spade a spade" was racist.
I have a good friend who was suspended without pay because he and his fishing buddy were in the lunchroom of the MPLS water plant having a sandwich and discussing which jigs they'd fished with the past weekend... no shit.

He had to hire a lawyer to represent him at the subsequent legal proceedings.
Atlantic salmonfly swap

that's like racist against yellow people, mate. […]

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Real good Tex. Real good.

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