I am. Salary is higher, retirement looks good, kids are mostly self sufficient, and we have not entered a new war in the past 3 plus years. My permit catch rate is about the same, though.

nope ex wife is demanding more money, i retired and had to get a job in order to eat and ive got another kid on the way and one getting ready to start driving
Overall yes I am better off even with my income still 10% less than what it was before a paycut 3 years ago. I am fortunate in that my company has survived and I have remained employed. It could be worse, way worse and I am thankful for it not being so. Being less than 10 years to retirement tho concerns me with what is going to be left when that time rolls around.

I was able to grow one business, but not enough to cover a 50% loss in equity of the other. The business that lost was and continues to be affected by the decisions and actions (lack of or inaction) of the Obama admin.
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Doing OK. Had some nice startup royalties delayed thanks to dem's war on success, capitalism and general business uncertainty.

Far, far, far, far more than that if we're better off is, is the country better off. Thats a big fuck no BTW.
It's not only about better off...
You either support the direction and Obamas Socialist policy or not. This country is not better off now and will not be under another 4 years.
Not better off than four years ago, but no worse either. Doubt I will be able to say that after four years of a Willard administration.

...Socialist policy...[/quote]

LTD- check Slaves post here- http://www.drakemag.com/phpBB3/index.php?optio ... =9&t=23687

Read that article and then the follow up I posted about down a ways.

I just don't see Romney as any solution to anything. 0. I don't understand how folks do.

I do think the gridlock in DC is a big part of the problem- not all of the problem- but I don't see the blame falling soley on the President. In my view, the Republican party has thrown the country under bus, looking to restore their power, and the Democrats have been letting the President do all the heavy lifting, and taking all the blame, on the other side, to avoid any negative backlash.

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