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By blumpkin
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By blumpkin
I've never owned one lousy handful of earth.

But thanks to Harry Reid,
some Japanese conglomerate owns 25% of a tract of land that used to be public.
That is now blanketed with Chinese Mirrors, burning up American birds.

So this is the part where the armed rebellion starts.
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By blumpkin
Straight up, no fucking shit, this is the last thing I will fight for.
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By blumpkin
If I was God, and somebody dug up my beloved desert tortoise, euthanized them and reflected my life giving force back at me.

I would Smite them.

Just me...
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By blumpkin
The BLM has euthanized desert tortoises that are older than the BLM...

For the Reid clan's solar projects.

I'm sorry can we develop a new term that combines Reid and Chinese Solar projects.

ReiNese Solar projects, that dig up desert tortoises, euthanize them and then inefficiently produce taxpayer subsidized power.

With like 20 or 30 year guaranteed loans on failed projects.
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send in kids with rocks to break mirrors for fun
By gadflyfisher
blumpkin wrote:And you kool aid drinking kooks think Cliven Bundy is the parasite...

rave on bitches !!!
No. I know he is.
That doesn't mean Reid isn't a cumdump also.
These things are not mutually exclusive.

Oh and that Parker dude is the stuff shitstains think is gross.
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By cantfishforshit
They wouldn't euthanize the tortoises for the solar fields. They would relocate them...calling bullshit.
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By blumpkin
The best part can't fish, I shit you not, is that you can go to and sign a petition
To get them to stop euthanizing the desert tortoise.
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By cantfishforshit
That's due to funds running out at the conservation center, not due to building a solar farm. Come on everybody, let's SPIN!
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By blumpkin
Careful now, don't drink all that Kool aid at once.

"You can't drink that stuff like beer"
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By blumpkin
They wouldn't have to euthanize as many, if they did not dig them up for Solar projects... Duh.
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