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By blumpkin
You can stress a desert tortoise to death, just by picking one up.

Let alone digging them up and telling them they have to move because Harry Reid and his friends family of lobbyists decided that the turtles home was in the way of a giant Chinese backed solar project.
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By blumpkin
BLM agents talking:
"hey that one is sick we have to euthanize it."

Tortoise is thinking:
"motherfuckers chill, I am older than both of you combined and I'm only stressed out because I was evicted without notice."
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By blumpkin
Have you ever even hung out with a desert tortoise D Wayne,
I certainly have.
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By blumpkin
I have been involved in Desert tortoise adoption and relocation programs while I worked for the Southern Nevada Water Authority in conjunction with the BLM... For 5 years... But yeah... I'm the one spinning.

A bunch of my good friends have adopted multiple tortoise.
And trust me... those friends don't like Harry Reid.

Those suckers thrive, as long as you don't fuck with them.
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By blumpkin
Maybe the Ritz Carlton in Washington DC has a spare room, and can adopt some turtles.

Harry Reid lives there, maybe he can adopt a few.

It is an expensive, inefficient way to house turtles, or parasites, because rooms there go for $600 - $800 a night.

But than again, solar farms are an expensive, inefficient way to produce energy.
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By blumpkin
In contrast, my cabin in Montana costs $22.50 a night.
Plus electric.
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By B.M. Barrelcooker
I want to adopt two and paint numbers on their backs snd race them for wagers.
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By blumpkin
Far as I'm concerned they can use that 1.25 Billion dollar football stadium shrine to war profiteering down in Texas to house homeless veterans as well
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By B.M. Barrelcooker
Good call. And maybe build a few hospitals that are modern to replace Walter Reid.
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By blumpkin
They built that football stadium while rats were chewing on injured Vets at Walter Reid.
Before the whistle got blown.

But that is a different story for a different time.
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By blumpkin
Give it some time, someday the "Depleted Uranium" thread will be the best topic down here.
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By cantfishforshit
Anything to cry about the left, eh Blummers? I think the few acres that are used for this won't hurt them much. I have experience with them from training about 10 times in the Mo Jav. They'll be ok. You should be more worried about Mitch or BM. Crazy bastards.
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