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By Spudnik
Anybody following this? It's a weird one...
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By blumpkin
CBS ain't following it.

Amazing that it is a bigger story that Russian troops are gathering in the Ukraine.

Then the story about militias gathering in Nevada to fight Federal agents.

I thought the penned in "First Amendment Area" was a nice touch.
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By blumpkin
For CBS, Boston's Bike Sharing program is a bigger story.
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By blumpkin
CBS will wait till shots are fired, then it will all be about guns.
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Check with Fatman. He's been doing some reading on the whole situation. The mainstream press seems to be ignoring it, the alternative press blowing a lot of patriotic bs smoke.
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By jdub
It's getting a shit load of coverage here.....Bundy has been running illegal cattle on the BLM land for years, ignoring court orders to either pay the pittance of grazing fees or get his scrawny cattle off the land. He's got every goat roper between Ceder City and Vegas up in arms about the bad ass Feds.

Meanwhile on this side of the border, it is the Feds fault that wild horses are eating what forage is left in the desert before Utard ranchers can get it snubbed down to the roots. So they are putting the hammer on BLM to round up/kill the wild horses which has gotten every soft hearted dewey eyed horse lover( yes Picken's wife is one of them) pissed off and threatening court action. Bloody mess.

Bundy is just the usual bullshit artist....hates the Feds and everything they represent yet he is a freeloading welfare ho on the dole just like SOBF is painting auntie. Guy should be in county jail until he pays his back taxes.
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By blumpkin
So again, what do you think about the cage the BLM made for first amendment expression.
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By austrotard
I loved 'married with children' but kind of went cold when they introduced that good looking college girl murderer.
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By MTgrayling
So he runs 8x the alloted livestock in a desert using public lands, apparently has never paid the paltry $1.35 per cow+calf pair to graze all you can eat for a month fee, loses every case in court, threatens and incites the government, and now he's some kind of range hero fighting for all Americans liberty.

Fuck that.
Fuck him.

Kill cows on public land, all of them.
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By MTgrayling
Looks like the gubbrmint did pull out without getting all the trespass cows rounded up.

Now Ted can hunt elk in Yellowstone park.

No threatened or endangered species, no pesky rules, no law!

It's Thunderdome!
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