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By blumpkin
I think before it is all said and done, Harry and Rory will set the new bar on mismanaging
federal land for personal benefit.

Cliven will look like a rank amature.
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Cheap ass jackass won't pay a paltry sum per cow he ought to sell some then so he can afford to. He is the reason this is fucked up.
And the feds didn't look good on CNN either. Bad scene.
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By jdub
Oh I forgot.....fuck CNN
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By blumpkin
Has can't fish immersed himself in fishing or banging Appalachian gallery owners or something?

Either would be a good turn for the twat.

Maybe he is guiding.

Nobody wants blummers as a guide... sob... I've been shunned.
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By blumpkin
You guys all have great comments about the cattle, and I learned that stuff from you dudes. Which I sincerely appreciate because honestly, I would be surprised if anyone has leeched off public fishing opportunities in the West, like I have. Shit, I think I lived on Federal Land in Laughlin during my Vegas divorce... In a Honda Pilot.

But there is a lot more to this story than cattle.

And if you don't admit that you are kidding yourself.
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By MTgrayling
I've heard development and oil/gas theories.

The desert tortoise is but one of many listed species negatively impacted by grazing in that area. I can imagine the condition of the springs and seeps [shudder, chokes back vomit].

Guide us to the truth.
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By blumpkin
Come on dude, it is Chinese controlled Solar power, it isn't even a secret.
They are going to pay pennies on the dollar to use the land too
Plus panel manufacturing, sure the Desert tortoise will dig all that shit.

But I am a conspiracy theorist.

The oil is in Bakersfield Ca.
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By jdub
blumpkin wrote: But there is a lot more to this story than cattle.

And if you don't admit that you are kidding yourself.
Sure there is, and the same mentality is killing us on stream access in Zion. This is a fight of private property, whether that be cattle or land, and the rights assumed with that title. Shit, I would have liked to live in a time when the game and domesticated meat was considered public property, and there was no private ownership of land.

Now we have private ownership that claims to own public water at the expense of the public, and cattle butt fucks that claim their cattle own public lands for their feed.

Apparently the Feds turned tail and ran home, leaving the cattle behind, the goat ropers buying bud lite for the bar, and the rest of us with a mess to deal with. Blump, the next time you try to fish a nice pristine upper mountain stream that has been TRASHED by a cattle herd sitting in the creek for the last month, remember these actions.
By gadflyfisher
Then they should have been confronting Harry directly, not a straw man issue using this leech of a rancher as the excuse to confront the feds.
But if they did that they wouldn't have the sympathy card to play.
Gutless to hide your agenda no matter who you are.
Right or left.
I kind of have mixed emotions on this. On one hand the cheap fuck should have paid his fees. On the other why do the feds own so much land to begin with.
I hear ya Dub on the damage cattle can do to streams. I have spent enough time in the west to see it.
I do like the fact that the Sheriff ordered BLM cops to stand down. Seems like a complicated issue if the guys family was using the land before BLM was even an entity. And yes Jdub BO's aunti was a leech.
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By B.M. Barrelcooker
I hsvdnt read much on ot but I'm like sobf. If he hasn't paid his grazing fee then shame on him for the whole mess.

I did read something that suggested it was state land that wouldn't be subject to federal grazing fees or blm jurisdiction.
I don't know that as fact. Just read it somewhere.

My jaw dropped though when I read about the first amendment cage.

What's next. ?
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Did anyone watch the footage of the protesters? Big vehicles moving around, supposedly guys on horseback moving cattle, a few officers, at least one with a dogs, and shrieking, screaming, in your face people. I'm betting the first amendment "cage" was set up to reduce the potential problems with interactions. The woman I watched screaming at the dog officer would have been bitten by my dog. She's an idiot. I wonder if she is even aware of the facts of the issue.

This is one of those situations that just baffles me. The Occupy folks were practicing "civil" disobedience (from the tapes that I saw), fairly quietly taking space, and acting in a relatively respectful manner. Chanting. The right and most Tea Party folks I saw coverage of were adamant that they needed to be corralled, herded, arrested, etc.

Now you get a guy who it appears been mooching off the public for years, but he's a rancher. The heart of the country. What a crock. The right and the Tea Party folks are out in force, screaming, yelling, acting like a mob, and people want to defend their right to act like douchebags. Next thing you know they'll be defending the house and senate for being a bunch of grandstanding, self-interested, profiteering waste of spaces.

Oh wait….
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