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By MTgrayling
blumpkin wrote: Only LTD can tell us about Cheney, and loose lips sink ships.
Plenty of people can tell us about that snarling Vader-esque piece of shit oily war criminal.

Thank fuck he doesn't fish here.
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As for the the marine who broke mexican Bundy, Faux and the extremists are backing the wrong pony.

3 guns, almost 500 rounds of ammo, and after walking across the border, he later comes back and takes his frickin vehicle across border and gets a sovereign country, for violating the laws of their land.

I thought R's wanted the laws of the land enforced? Oh right, do as I say, not as I do.

The guys had voice recordings with his hooker girlfriend, and a receipt for the hotel they met up at in Mexico. While his excuse was that "he missed the exit before the border" according to mommy on Faux....

cell phones show he had been across the border 5-6 times before...and that border crossing is lit up and huge, with many exits if you miss one.

His story does not add up.

The fact that the Tea-jihadi's have scared folks into thinking 9 year old hundurans have ebola and guns and are murderers....and want them OUT for being potential is this any different on the flip side?

I don't know of a single 9 year honduran girl that came across the border with: A loaded AR-15, 1911 Colt, 12 ga. shotgun, extra clips and 457 rounds of ammo.

Now, if he had none of that, yea, we could get all diplomatic and figure out why he's being held.

But that's not the case. He knowingly went across the border, knowingly with that arsenal. That shit is illegal in Mexico.

Yes, it appears he has PTSD. That truly sucks; but at the same time we have alot of gun folks who, when a tragedy occurs, say "no new laws, but boy we need to treat and keep the unstable away from guns..."

Well....Mexico might have averted another tragedy....cuz hookers don't need to be shot 500 times to die.
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blumpkin wrote:Relates: I am reading "Bury my heart at wounded knee"

Spoiler alert: The Feds have sucked for a long... long time.
Holy Fuck Blummers, put the book down. i just finished it. It starts bad and ends worse. The indians should have stabbed us in the fuck. i really felt like shit after reading it. exactly who the fuck do we think we are. in the end, we actually invaded north america, settled it, kicked everyones ass we wanted to and took whatever we wanted.
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By blumpkin
I had to study the Northern Cheyenne in pursuit of my worthless Political Science degree, so none of it comes as a shock.

Thanks for the PM Chase Chrome.

Gotta stand by my brothers VTNZ plus I like Mexican hookers as much or more than the next guy.
When I used to sitdown at Adelita's in TJ it was like Norm walking into Cheers.
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By root wad
Used to watch Cheney show up in August on The Dean. He did have some shady looking characters with him at all times. His one redeeming quality? He loved to try to catch steelhead with a fly rod.
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By jhnnythndr
I have a question. Who is asking for all these children to be brought here and housed here? Who is asking for them to be allowed to stay? Is there a constituency of us citizens who are trying to make this happen? Does the way our government is handling that issue represent any American citizens or is our government acting in a fashion that is pretty universally disapproved of by the citizenry? I'm asking I don't know because I don't pay an attention.
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By jhnnythndr
I say we keep them here. I say we establish internment camps here where they can live there lives out in relative peace. They can grow there own food on camp as well as have some small industry ie textile mill, or a furniture plant etc. 35% percent of the food produced and 35% of the proceeds of each camps product can go provide relief for the impoverished residents of states that allow a camp in the border which will reduce the federal financial loa significantly on several fronts not the least of which is welfare in states allowing refugee residentiAl facilities. Thi will provide a net benefit to the country, while insuring the safety and health of the refugee population and not providing much incentive to come here.

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What you've described proposed is exactly the current agricultural economic model in America...

Get documented or undocumented, as long as they're cheap; give them a roof over their heads, pay them low wages, work them 60+ hrs a week, they usually stay on the farm for fear of getting caught by immigration,etc. and in turn, the agri-corp or other subsidized farmer then takes yer tax money which ends up paying for atleast some of their wages and you get....

....diabetes...but that's not all....

you get cheap food. Subsidized of course, but would still be alot more expensive trying to get some spoiled middle class honky off his iphone to work in a field cuz he won't work for $7/hr in those conditions.
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By blumpkin
What middle class, I believe you are referring to the working poor...
Who pay for everything.
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Ditto that. Pay check to pay check, living the american dream while sucking up chemtrails.
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By jhnnythndr
He talks about white guys who aren't rich in a fashion so derogatory - it reminds me that he's a guide who spends all his time with dudes who are rich enough to go fish New Zealand.

Hard to believe your railing against the middle class now.

Jus another honkey regards
Juan Trueno
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