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VTNZ wrote:What you've described proposed is exactly the current agricultural economic model in America...

Get documented or undocumented, as long as they're cheap; give them a roof over their heads, pay them low wages, work them 60+ hrs a week, they usually stay on the farm for fear of getting caught by immigration,etc. and in turn, the agri-corp or other subsidized farmer then takes yer tax money which ends up paying for atleast some of their wages and you get....

....diabetes...but that's not all....

you get cheap food. Subsidized of course, but would still be alot more expensive trying to get some spoiled middle class honky off his iphone to work in a field cuz he won't work for $7/hr in those conditions.
you're fucking kidding me...right? You certainly haven't spent much time in these "agricultural" areas unless you're blind as fucking bat and as smart as the rocks under your feet! Most of the migrant farm workers couldn't care less about being seen, much less heard. Yeah...they round a few up now and then in Ca, but the bulk of them carry about their daily business just like you or I would VTNZ. Wake up man....this is 2014, Not the 1980's.

As for the lazy honky...I agree. Why not call them lazy white fucks?
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blumpkin wrote:Honestly, when Obama went to Montana and fly fished, I loved everything about it. If I remember correctly he fished drys and struggled with the hook set... I would probably botch the dry fly hook set right now. I have never been that impressed with the Bush family striper fishing. Only LTD can tell us about Cheney, and loose lips sink ships.
Blump......I could have provided your Goldman buddies for you back in the day. The very ones you're looking for. Lol....
Why not call them lazy whitefucks?
Last time I checked the unemployment rate for blacks was much higher than whites. Plenty of lazy fucks of all colors.
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jhnnythndr wrote:I say we keep them here. I say we establish internment camps here where they can live there lives out in relative peace. They can grow there own food on camp as well as have some small industry ie textile mill, or a furniture plant etc. 35% percent of the food produced and 35% of the proceeds of each camps product can go provide relief for the impoverished residents of states that allow a camp in the border which will reduce the federal financial loa significantly on several fronts not the least of which is welfare in states allowing refugee residentiAl facilities. Thi will provide a net benefit to the country, while insuring the safety and health of the refugee population and not providing much incentive to come here.

send them and their toys down to Arizona to Sherriff Joes outdoor living prison camp. I hear he is looking to expand. outdoor living cleanses the soul.. it will make 60 minutes.
and another thing , illegal aliens protest in DC ??? fucking really??? water cannons, bath time.
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By jhnnythndr
So- who all is following the (non honky) who couldn't/ wouldn't negotiate a status of forces agreement back into Iraq? Purely hypothetical- I know the demographic here is mostly lazy honkys* who don't / won't do much other than shit themselves as they watch the end on tv . Hahaha.

*oddly in this case it might not fit- given that the comsbt arms branches of the military in this country are almost exclusively composed of white people. You have to go to supply or commo or the motor pool to find any color- and to figure out why the radios don't work and the vehicles haven't been maintenanced and there are no Chem lights engineer tape or concertina wire.

You know what they say "THANK GOD FOR THE CWST!"

Otherwise the infantry would work about as well as McDonald's or Sierra Leone. Or Mexico.

If you got a problem with us lazy fucking honkies who didn't get to the 1%, and you got a problem with the honkies who did- fuck the suk.

Here's your new internt home.
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By FormerlyChaseChrome
blumpkin wrote:What middle class, I believe you are referring to the working poor...
Who pay for everything.
Damned truth this...always been class...
BTW a douche bag with a fly rod is still a douche bag...
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Ah yes, when all else fails, what fails the most on teh suk is objectivity....

"The most ironic circle jerk..."- Bellyup

So, for all you white guys with sore pussies, let me ask you this:

If the "white" americans as a,not the plumber on the drake, the owner of a construction co. in Tenn., a guy who works for the feds in Miss., a guy who seemingly by his own choices has worked all sorts of trades (that'd be you blummers),etc.etc.....

...wanted to work so hard and with the same work ethic as you all, then why is there the demand for immigrant labor;legal or otherwise?

Why is there even the demand if the white "legal" population is so ready to go to it? Then wouldn't unemployment be lower?

According to most every capitalistic model out there, the laws of supply and demand dictate that when jobs are in high demand, wages go up....right?

There have been numerous threads here and likely on other floors making numerous points regarding the apathy of urban middle class we're all gonna distance ourselves from that? Remind me again, for all of you (not all on this thread) who railed against those at Occupy as non-working liberals who got free iphones from "Obamy".....were they mostly white folks? the national media covers that as such, including some of yer favorite, Fox news, were going apeshit crazy over these "people"....

So yea....what I eluded to is just a real revelation now isn't it?

But hey, if what I asserted is so wrong, point out to me where. And for the love of dog, stay on the point. And that point was JT's idea for border crossers. I merely pointed out the current model,whether you want to admit it or not, is not a whole lot different; and part of the reason why, is that a certain % of a certain demographic don't want to the work. Simple as that.

As LTD, or someone eluded, white dudes don't work as many fast food jobs when measured by population/demographic; ultimately, same thing...they aren't into doing that type of work.

Before someone in tells me about their son/cousin who worked 7 jobs including flipping burgers; I get it. I flipped burgers myself in a convenience store as a teen. But at a national level, that's simply not the case. Living in Vermont, which happens to be the whitest state in America, along with one of the most rural and one that agriculture is a top 3 for the economy, I'm seeing something pretty obvious, which most of you living further south and west saw many years ago:

We're seeing more immigrants working the the whitest state in the US. Way the fuck north....9 months of winter, 3 months of bad sledding; no "great great grandma rodriguez" to justify moving to Vt to live and work (which has been the numero uno justification for these latest round of kids,etc. They're going north to live with an uncle or the like).

I know a dairy farmer in Marshfield, Vt. His wife at the time (about 5 yrs ago), was the head of the VT Dairy farmers association. They were is the process of stopping milking and just raising heifers. Why, I asked.

"Even though the the price isn't great for milk right now, we simply can't find good workers. We can pay $16-18/hr and you get a place to stay for free, but nobody wants to work the hours (often 50-60+ week). Right now, we've had a older guy in his late 40's who sold his farm years ago helping us, but he can't do it for much longer, that wasn't his plan"

Don't believe me? Part of the issue was that "dairy workers"at the time had to be more documented than other ag type workers. Pat Leahy, our Senator and others got a bill passed in the past few years opening up the dairy industry to more immigrants. Look it up for yourself, and ask yourself why? In the whitest state in the union?

In NZ, a country with a pretty large white population, and an enormous, vast agricultural empire, the largest diary co-op in the world, and a min. wage. of $14.25....and we're finding in the last few year an enormous increase in immigrant labor....mostly philippines and sri lankans. And they can't walk across the border. So there is an example of legal immigration demand for work where there is ample domestic workforce to do the work, but they don't want to.

Everyone likes to espouse the virtues of hard work and to conveniently shit on those who don't have the same ethic. In many cases, that may be a justifiable position. But I fail to see how some folks can selectively exclude a certain demographic from the discussion because it may or may not hit close to home.

But yea, if you want to explain to me how the state of Alabama passed the strictest immigrant worker laws in the land a while ago, and the farmers (all R's), went to the Gov. and their party and said "you will kill our business with this bill...there aren't enough white workers willing to do the work".....I'm all ears.
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By blumpkin
I am a product of NAFTA VTNZ president Clinton and head legal counsel for Wal Mart Hillary decided my family's fate.
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By jhnnythndr
I like migrant labor. It has a long proud tradition in this country. You pack up- and go where the work is, whether its logging, mining, agriculture, Indian killing, foriegn wars, etc

You got claimstakers- and you got a measure o local industry and commerce to support them, and the attendant jobs obviously, and everyone else moves around to chase work where they can.

You don't see much of that anymore because of housing projects, welfare, food stamps Etc. for an illegal with a language barrier, most of the relief programs probably seem out of reach. Not much choice but to fill the gap that all those same relief programs created.

I don't really even give a shit about huge government relief programs. Extreme times/ extreme measures. But attach some kind if fucking work to the check.

And it's important to know who you are in this world- and I guess in my case it's just a honky with an iPhone.

Keeping my friends close regards
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FWIW Blummers, I never liked NAFTA, and have never been a big fan of Hillary; and you won't hear me defend either of them. That said, you seem to have skills to do alot things in alot of places...not everyone is cut out like you, literally.

JT---clearly you think/thought I was eluding to you as that honky/iphone. It was never the case, though upon reflection, you have made enough comments about using your iphone on teh suk, that I could see you perhaps thinking I was busting on you.
Not at all. If I was I'd have said it; which is usually how we roll down here. My point/example about Occupy was what I was thinking of....along with blummers hilarious line a day or two ago about his brethren in Kentucky/Tenn. having a worldview about as thick as dental floss, which leads me to meth heads (lots of young white folks, huh?),etc. Nothing more, nothing less...
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By jhnnythndr
What you've done is communicated pretty clearly a measure of contempt for both rich white Americans, and not so rich white Americans. And your choice of lifestyle regarding livin arrangement makes plain how invested you are in a "successful" outcome here. So between your contempt for my demographic, and the fact that you aren't really Invested in a future here are both good strong signals that any position you take is probably detrimental to me and mine. You don't need to comment on me personnally to make your position plain.

I had thought I would bail too, but I can't- I've worked too hard for this place, whatever it's become.
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You're right I don't have to,but I did because I can clearly see your perception of things is not what I intended.

That said, I know nothing of your demographic, I know nothing of you other than here, and certainly am not going to pigeon hole anyone on just what I seen written here. And clearly, you know nothing of me.
I am still a U.S. tax paying citizen, just like you. Nobody who has spent any meaningful time down here, and can remain objective, would think I was for the 1%ers...

Thats an awesome generalization of the NZ factor. Is Jerms, you know the guy who had a fundraiser,and who I consider a friend, a 1%er? But yet, he made it to NZ. Same goes for Stripah42, and last season Big Timber. No 1%ers....just drakians working hard and making it happen. Do I meet some 1%ers? You bet. I also meet alot of folks on their "trip of a lifetime" and I love showing those folks around. But how would you know, right?

And call it brainwashing, but I've been called a libtard so many times down here, the notion you don't think I have tendencies and more compassion in policy for lower incomes than some 1% R dude....shows you really don't know me.

I've said it before, If I didn't care about the future of America, you think I'd waste my time down here? Seriously? When I could be running around with all those 1%ers? Or can we revolt only on certain terms?
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