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By yard4sale
This is NOT a gun issue. It's a mental health issue.

This seems to be the Rights agreed upon response.

OK, then what are you doing about it. You own all 3 branches. Time to put your money where your mouth is.

Answer so far: repeal a law aimed to keep people with mental health issues from getting guns and undoing health care that would help the mentally ill.

Because Obama right?

How's that bump stock regulation coming?

Maybe the plan is to have so many mass shootings we never have time to focus on any one of them. Go NRA!
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Your last sentence is about right. Afterall, the Texas A.G. just came out saying the US need MORE guns in churches....

I hope Paul Ryan dies a slow painful death someday. Sending "thoughts and prayers" folks who died thinkin and prayin'.....classy. But expect nothing less from a party that shares more values with the taliban than anything else (lovin guns, paranoid, destroy/marginalize arts/education/culture, telling womens what to do with their bodies, and unabashed faith in their sugar daddies....whether they be from Saudi or WisKochsin....) :coffee
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By kish

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By Adams
The piece of trash couldn't legally own the gun he used. He couldn't legally purchase it either. The Airforce effed up and didn't transmit his convictions into the NICS. What additional laws would have prevented this?
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By Adams
So your solution is…?
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By yard4sale
Adams wrote: Mon Nov 06, 2017 9:13 pm So your solution is…?
How about anything? One fucking thing. Bump stocks. Once somebody is recognized as being mentally ill taking their guns. Background checks on ALL gun sales.
If the GOP wasn't such a slave to the NRA all of these would go through with bipartisan support because the vast majority of Americans support it.

You got any solutions other than this shit just happens? Look around the world man. Simply put its "American gun culture" and nothing else.

Keep focusing on the hero who chased him down instead of the 26 people dead. Pastors with guns just like teachers with guns!
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By Adams
Yard sale-Which of those would have prevented this?
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By yard4sale
Adams wrote: Mon Nov 06, 2017 9:38 pm Yard sale-Which of those would have prevented this?
Do you consider this an isolated incident?

It only took one idiot with a shoe bomb and we all take our shoes off at the airport now. I'm OK with that, are you?
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