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By Jon
Upsetter wrote:I met zinke recently. He is a good guy and definitely in line with the north american model for wildlife management. He has a sophisticated understanding of the fed v state control debate. Long story short, he understands the states couldnt handle the fiscal responsibility to manage all the acreage (think forest fires) and he isnt interested in selling it off forever to private interests.
This is good.
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By MTgrayling
It's gonna be bad. Prolly worse than anything I could nightmare.
Bloody and blatant.

and Putin's puppet thinks all the guns were just laying around to be used on Hillary...
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Sadly, it's only the beginning. Wait till the pollutin' and the posted signs go up.

Let's make America for Russia...oligarchs rejoice!
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By Woolybug25
Obie wrote:Geezus fuck... ... /96271368/

They went on record to say our public lands aren't worth anything? Am I reading that right?
It's exactly what it looks like. Under cloak and dagger they unilaterally gave local governments the right to "manage their own resources" (Neocon speak for "sell them at the highest bidder"). This is exactly why I rarely can get behind Republicans despite agreeing with them on most issues. Because when it comes down to the environment, they shit all over it every. single. time.

Prepare for more cows trampling your banks, Mineral companies digging up your headwaters and clear cutting for the sake of more McMansions.
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By befuddled
So let's all go in together and buy 100K worth of pesos now that they are at all time low, then when trump realizes he actually needs Mexico to be strong(er), he will tweet some shit, the peso will recover and we'll sell them back to dollars, make 20-50% profit and buy a piece of land on Belize and put up a mini house and have a little lodge.

Then we wait for him to freak out some other currency, do it all over to cover the airfare
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I've actually done a bit of the carry trade myself. Couple of problems I see though:

Mango Mussolini doesn't "realize" anything.....

....and at the current pace of things you will be blacklisted as a citizen if you take any money from the Russian States of America and invest it offshore...unless you're a big company who has their former ceo working for the regime or the bloviated orange baby owns shares the parent company of Carrier.

I see the appeal of Belize though....and 100% for sure they will have more full on expats though. US inquiries to Immigration NZ doubled in December year on year.

Oh wait, my bad....he did "realize" something.....that it turns out 'Mericans will pay for the "wall" afterall! (in Trump form, it will be a Home Depot fence put in by mexicans living in the US already and painted a tacky gold).

Pay your mortgages off quick, cuz you're about to lose a tax beny on home ownership that helps the middle class and interest rates will be going up Hugely.... :coffee
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I forgot one other chestnut of his stupidity:

Yes, Peso is down. Pound is down. Euro is down. Kiwi is even down a tad. That means the Greenback is on the up and up...

So while making Russia Great Again, he actually is making US jobs in manufacturing go by-by real quick with a strong US dollar. Nobody buys US made stuff for export if the US $ is high.

Meanwhile, Mexico and nearly every other country will have an export advantage over the US by having weaker currencies that make exports a again, the winners are China and every other exporter in the world....and not Merican jobs/manufacturing/exports. But hey, the strong greenback will make it real easy to buy cheap shit like Chump Ties made in China! Wall-mart wins....again.
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