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By Plow
The Orlando shooters father showed up at clinton's rally in Kissimmee, Fl (next to Orlando) today. dems even gave him choice seating. Wonder if the Secret Service knew. Can't wait to hear the drive-bys explain that away, tivos set.

Can't say this election isn't entertaining.
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By Plow
When you get you panties out of a wad and can stop crying listen to these.

hillary saying the "A" word...

With a little commentary... [url=]link[/url]

Here's biden threating obama with his two handguns if he comes go get 'em. Joe Biden in 2008: "If Obama "tries to fool with my Beretta, he's got a problem"

Didn't hear the press get up in arm after this. Much to do about nothing in the real world.
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By Redchaser
BigCliff wrote:As long as we're fussing over who shows up at rallies, is this OK?

Chris Hansen invited him, it was a trap.

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