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By Plow
root wad wrote:That was so predictable it did not even need to be read. Plow, I was not a fan of Clinton but your boy is a repugnant buffoon, a sad New Yorker caricature of himself.
I'd love to hear where I'm wrong and why the donald is a repugnant buffoon.
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By austrotard
years from now (and hopefully not too many) you cunts are going to realise how much a waste of your time this was just chatting.

because at the end of the day it's all just idle chitchat.

yes, he did.
no, he didn't.
he's an ass.
no, he's not.

fuck me. either get on with it or do something different.

2017. year of the bticing cyber seppos.
By James
root wad wrote:That was so predictable it did not even need to be read. Plow, I was not a fan of Clinton but your boy is a repugnant buffoon, a sad New Yorker caricature of himself.
He's a fucking cartoon without the wisdom or humility.
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By Ginseng Sullivan
Plow wrote:
root wad wrote:That was so predictable it did not even need to be read. Plow, I was not a fan of Clinton but your boy is a repugnant buffoon, a sad New Yorker caricature of himself.
I'd love to hear where I'm wrong and why the donald is a repugnant buffoon.
No you wouldn't so just stop acting like you would ever listen to anything but what you "know".
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By fishsnoop
The US Constitution was signed by 9 immigrants. Carry on....
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By CrispyCracker
fishsnoop wrote:
“The US Constitution was signed by 9 immigrants.“
Not one of them a Muslim. Which sucks since we could really have used a human bomb or two at Lexington and Concord.

Ginseng wrote:
“you are a bigot”
A bigot is a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions. Invest in a mirror, Lefty.

ChasingChrome, the Obama administration — not the Trump camp — defined the seven Muslim nations in the ban and first took steps to restrict visas from those areas. See? You learn something new every day.

pbrstreetgang, scores of historians attest that the Crusades was a defensive war against aggressive Muslim encroachment. So much for blaming Christianity. To many latter-day Europeans "defensive war" has a familiar ring to it. Again, I acknowledge that millions of Muslims are fantastic, peace-loving people. But many are not, and that’s the rub. Islam as a political-religious ideology is absolutely incompatible with non-Islamic systems of governance. Again, talk to a native who lives in Stockholm or Frankfurt or Marseille. Ask them about the Muslim no-go zones. Ask them about the assault on their culture and laws. Get some front-line perspective before you form a simplistic opinion.

Wingnut, when you pilfer content because you cannot generate your own you should at least supply attribution. Plow dismembered every second-hand point you copied-and-pasted about Trump voters, but none of it applies to me, anyway. I was never a fan of the guy before he ran for office and I distrust cults of personality, including the one inexplicably aimed by the fawning left at a narcissistic and weak-willed Obama. Trump got my vote because he promised to appoint a conservative SCOTUS, swore to rebuild our military and is not a career politician steeped in the rules of a corrupt Washington. He’s the closest thing I could get to a true conservative in the White House. I like his disdain for PC horse shit and fearless style, but I question some aspects of his method, so I am taking a wait and see approach. Oh, and as for the Yemen raid, do not equate it to Benghazi, son. The former was a targeted strike versus a known terrorist organization, the latter a dereliction of duty by the then-White House that left Americans alone at a foreign outpost to die…that was then spun to be the result of an unrelated video to ensure Obama’s political viability. Up your ass with comparing the two.

Like I say, I'd rather swap dog photos.
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By root wad
I'll join the long list that hopes you go swap them someplace else. Get a clue there bozo. Nobody really cares what you think. You're talking to yourself. Any chance you are a Belgian cop? Or BSU grad?
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By CrispyCracker
rootwad wrote:
“You're talking to yourself.”
I’m replying to posters who addressed me. If you have an issue with what I wrote be specific. You're one of the few posters who has been civil so far. It's an admirable trait you should strive to maintain.

ChasingChrome wrote:
“It was a watch list, not a ban”
Spin it all you wish, but the original “profiling” was done by the Obama administration. The Trump ban limiting travel and immigration is a continuation of a bill signed into law in 2015 — the Terrorist Travel Prevention Act — two years before Trump took office. My guess is that none of the situationally outraged posters in this thread batted an eyelash at the time, yet they’re now tossing about the term “bigot” in a fit of smug self-righteousness. Know what would likely make you OK with the current ban? Another savage attack by Islamic terrorists — like the massacre in Paris that led Obama to sign the related bill in 2015.

If you were honest you’d acknowledge some blatant hypocrisy here. Then again, if you were honest you’d admit that a small subset of Muslims are irredeemably violent and must be accounted for in some way before gaining admittance to this country or any other. That is not cruel — it’s practical. And it's a stance taken by both administrations. The end result will be an influx of Muslims who abide by our laws, honor our culture and live peacefully among the rest of us immigrants or former immigrants…the same logic Obama rightfully applied when he signed that bill a couple of years ago.
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By Wingnut
[quote="Plow"]If your going to cut and paste someone's work here you should at least give them credit.

I thought, wrongly, by putting it in quotes I would not be taking credit for the writings. I was merely repeating a view to which I agree. But I now see the error of my ways Mr Plow. My actions are reprehensible. I am a scoundrel, a charlatan, a wretch. I have besmirched the hallowed walls of this web board. Deception- my name is thee.

To all those I have deceived and thus received their praise, I throw myself at your feet to grovel for your forgiveness, someday. Obviously your wounds are deep and hatred well deserved. To think I would have the audacity to come to this exalted place and smear the good name of The Drake through the putrid mud. After all we gather here to share knowledge. Safe in the security that all words written here are well reasoned, researched and documented to be absolute truth.

Mr. Plow thank you, we all thank you for holding me to a higher standard.

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By FormerlyChaseChrome
ChaseChrome wrote:It was a watch list, not a ban list you fuck... was overturned by a conservative Bush appointee

Continue to e.a.d.

Don't see where I've ever used the term bigot...nor is my post "spin" but merely a reporting of facts.
If there were a constitutional transgression with Obama's law the conservative obstructionists would have taken issue.

"Spin???" Nah, just the demand that there be a certain precision in language, that the law remain an autonomous pillar of your society which holds government to account. It is what is required of the judiciary, regardless of what Cheeto and his Stasi says.

I don't really give a damn who you good 'ol boys vote for...we've our own nonsense as well, but you folks are a laughing stock...

You've got a long way to go if you're going to teach me something Christine...

In the meanwhile, you, Plow and that other self-loathing fuck Upsetter can continue your circle jerk in an echo chamber.

Thanks for your efforts...really.

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