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By fatman
T.J. Brayshaw wrote:
fallen513 wrote: I'm a bigger redneck than you and still hate your guts.
Speaking of rednecks, anybody read "Hillbilly Elegy" by J.D. Vance? Pretty good read. Family from hills of Kentucky, born and raised in southwestern Ohio (Middletown). Some good insight into the challenges he and his family/friends face, what it took for him avoid some of the downfalls of others, etc.

I'm think TJ needs to do some of his maths to tell us the likelihood that this hemorrhoid is as big a tool as we all think he is.
My money is on FisheadLarry moved to FL and assumed a new identity...
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By FormerlyChaseChrome
Not sure about the critique here, but sure enough about cunts who inventory their stuff by way of compensating...

Oh, and btw Christine, you've yet to marshal a "principled"
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By Wingnut
Oh I don't know, maybe

Christian Identity Movement
The Aryan Nation
Lords Resistance Army'
Catholic Reaction Force
The Orange Volunteers
National Liberation Front of Tripura

Obviously we are never going to agree. Now where is that foe button......
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By CrispyCracker
Wingnut, how about sharing a reference from this era?

Austrotard, I apologize for tarnishing your Board Tough Guy image.

B.M. Barrelcooker wrote:
“You're really Carl Hiasen and you are just havin fun with us right?“
No. And yes.

root wad wrote:
“Carl sports a classy skiff”
What makes a skiff “classy", exactly? Pinstripes? Soft chines? Corinthian leather? I’ve just never heard one described that way. Then again, I don’t hang around stuffy wanna-be’s who “keep a classy skiff down in Florida for those times when I’m not summering in Pretentiousdickville.”

fatman wrote:
“is as big a tool as we all think he is.”
This Noob has treated you like a scratching post. Whining about it only makes it worse.

Genome wrote:
"thank God for making me an atheist”
I can't imagine the emptiness, but to each his own.

Chrome wrote:
“you've yet to marshal a "principled" argument”
Naw, I’ve provided appalling stats re: a murderous ideology that you and others in here inexplicably try to frame as harmless.

Here’s an idea: if you’re gung-ho to let Muslim immigrants in post-haste, clear out a spare room or two and take them in yourself. Maybe you’ll fare better than the two men crucified for smoking cigarettes in Mosul on 2/5. Or the women and children among the 21 killed outside a courthouse by a suicide bomber in Kabul on 2/7. Or the eight aforementioned Red Cross workers murdered yesterday in Jowzjan. Or the four guards who also lost their lives yesterday preventing a massacre of hotel guests in Bosasso. I mean, it'll be a big roll of the dice, but imagine how much street cred you'll have with the man-bun crowd. For your further edification, here’s a list of Islamic terror attacks from the last 30 days that includes an accounting of 1,049 newly dead: ... ?Yr=Last30.

I'm sure WIngnut can drum up equivalent numbers of murders by Christians and Buddhists. He'll find them right next to the unicorn and Orenthal's innocence.

Of course, new murders are added daily, so check in often. In fact, I suggest that you, Wingnut, Ginseng and the other Muslim apologists make it a point to stop by the linked site weekly, print out pages detailing new Islam-inspired attacks, swab them with some form of lubricant and shove them straight up your asses. Might give you all pause before uttering the words “unfair ban" again.
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By FormerlyChaseChrome
Please indicate where I have been a Muslim "apologist" Christine...and again you have missed the point...sad really
Your sister must be getting lonely...who is likely also your daughter...make haste now.

Clearly born dumb,
Never learned anything,
And forgotten half of it...

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By peetso
Since he's on the foes list now, and posts are now hidden i can presume they are still the equivalent of this . . .


apt isn't it?
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By Ginseng Sullivan
OK Carl, I'll give it one more post then you'll have to assume no one else is reading anymore. I like a challenge.

No one here (correct me if I'm wrong) is saying we haven't had issues with Islamic extremists. Absolutely a bunch of cunts and definitely people that need to be dealt with. Have been dealt with many times, will need to be dealt with again and again. No argument from me at least anyway.

What you keep telling us is that every practicing Muslim is a terrorist.

See the difference?

You didn't get a similar explanation about the Bigot term so I don't have much hope but like I say, I like a challenge.

I did type slow.

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By CrispyCracker
Ginseng wrote:
"What you keep telling us is that every practicing Muslim is a terrorist."
Let's be accurate here: what I took issue with was the whitewashing of Muslims as a benign group. Faced wth alarming stats on Islamic terrorism worldwide, you then backtracked to your current nebulous stance. And no, not every incoming Muslim is a terrorist. But the ban buys us time to establish stricter vetting so we have a much better job of knowing which ones are. It's a logical step to make Americans more safe, and it does not justify the pant-blasting claims of "bigot" that define the reactions of the uneducated. Yourself included.

Chrome, you questioned the legality of the pending ban never realizing that it was Obama's squad that defined the list of countries, not Trump. Which led me to guffaw. And you never responded to a simple question: were you equally outraged when Obama and many of his flunky czars repeatedly trampled on the Constitution? Take your time with that one. Or just read this: ... on-bandler

Peetso wrote:
"Since he's on the foes list now”
Running and hiding is a revered tactic. Don’t let anyone tell you different. In fact, I recently wrote the Drake powers-that-be requesting a separate "safe space", Crispy-free sub-forum where you can hunker down with the rest of the resident commies and recite verses from the Manifesto. Wingnut will regale you with stories of ancient Christian misdeeds, Chrome will play some soft Hip ballads, Ginseng will pass out warm binkies fresh from the dryer, and Fallen will offer alternate forms of stress relief in a softly lit adjoining room. You're welcome.
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By fallen513
You are fitting in great!
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By fallen513
You want some advice?
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By fatman
CrispyCracker wrote:. In fact, I recently wrote the Drake powers-that-be ....
I'm sure they're piss-silly with admiration, and have called a board meeting to discuss your request.

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