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By Lando
austrotard wrote:I couldn't lift steve either.


Spot the pussy.
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By root wad
Randall Dee wrote:
peetso wrote:you're either being an asshole or you are an asshole.
My money is on him being a giant asshole.
Perhaps he should be "put on notice," or just furiously back pedal as is apparently quite fashionable.
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By Da Ax
20161203_125742.jpg (402.01 KiB) Viewed 439 times
This guy was an adoption from a local shelter. Chillest dog ever. While I think he's been in a formal home before, I think he's been abused and is only recently begun to show his personality.

Jeebus, I find this funny, both here and on Faceplant.

What most people want is freedom. What is freedom? I define it as the ability, the freedom, to make a choice. To choose to help someone or not help someone...and any other choice you want to make. It's about choice. People have this idea the freedom is "do whatever the hell I want to"...that's not freedom, it's chaos. If we are a first world country, we need to abide by our own laws. Period. They are all not right, and not right or fair by all. But there is no laws that are fair to all. You cannot make everyone happy. it's an impossibility. Everyone is pissed and afraid of things that MIGHT happen. Everyone is pissed because they feel that SOMETHING (Obamacare, border closings, whatever) is being shoved down their throat. And it has been.

We have to find common ground. The extremists on both sides can't be the only ones with a voice. I have my views on all of these issues, but I don't believe that I want to take up the pitchfork for every passion that every one ELSE tells me is a passion that I should have. There, I have choice. Trump is president. The system did it's job, whether you like it or not. He will make mistakes, as all of them have and will. But, we've forgotten how to negotiate. IT's sad really. We could get so much done if we just decided to keep our shit to ourselves and work together instead of having someone else ram crap down our throats.

Governing people is a pain in the ass and is rarely fair. Let's move on people.
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Lol....not a fucking chance komrade....
By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
Dog on the rental's furniture.


I put a sheet over it because Im a considerate.

PS I really just want this guy to go away. I want everyone to go away, or at least pretend I dont exist (human contact makes me uncomfortable), but this guy really just needs to go away.
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By kish
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Overtraining is a thing, ya know.

Cutie. :cool
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By FormerlyChaseChrome
I must say, if there is anything "exceptional" it is the lovely see "exceptionalism" does, at times, seem have some cache...
Just like N. Korea...
Well fucking done...
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By CrispyCracker
kfox wrote:
“when we draw an exception based literally on religion”
If that was the focus of the ban you'd have a point. Personally I think we should focus on areas where a literal interpretation of Shariah law is common, but that would be unacceptable. We don't want to offend a group that endorses public beheadings, burns people in cages, treats women like cattle and celebrates suicide bombings in crowded malls. They have feelings, too.

Jon wrote:
“The Bill of Rights says nothing about “citizens.”
So the spirit of the document is that it should apply globally?

Upsetter, preach on. You're something of a hard ass, but you're also right. Er, correct.

Peetso wrote:
“my real point is when you denigrate entire cultures and people, fleeing war and famine, families just looking for a better life …you're either being an asshole or you are an asshole.”
And when you refer to a group that has spawned 95% of the world’s most heinous acts of terrorism the last few decades as if they are a uniformly harmless pack of conformist doves, I marvel at the unfathomable wells of your ignorance.

flychucker wrote:
“Hell, a good 1/4 of the guys on the high school football team are Somali. I've had many of them over at my house, I've fed them…”
I say without sarcasm that I’m sure that's the norm. Most Muslims likely want freedom and a chance to prosper like any of us do. But facts prove that there is an archaic, fundamentally ignorant, insistent evil in their midst, and not enough of them openly denounce it as they should. In fact, credible polls in Europe and the US reveal a surprising amount of endorsement among Muslims for oppressive Shariah law. Unlike most other immigrant groups they have a documented history of insisting over time that their law be THE law, shitting on the goodwill of the countries who extended them sanctuary as they fled some fetid Middle Eastern shithole. But hell, it's not an issue here, since the great Obama said Muslims are peace-loving, and that no domestic terrorist acts took place during his tenure. Unless you count these dozen or so, I guess: ... es-barrett

canook wrote:
“could it be the Somali refugees - or any other group of 'shitheads from the other side of the world' - feel compelled to stay in their safe little enclaves”?
Would any of this be an issue if they were "staying"? :roll:
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By austrotard
he really needs to be heard, this fella.
by the by, I skip right over the troll's posts.

have we any drake participation medals left?
send him one. fuck him off.
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