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By T.J. Brayshaw
It's my understanding that the EPA's annual budget is just a bit less than one quarter of one percent (0.22%) of the national budget.

Some of the proposed cuts to sub-programs look something like this...

Chesapeake Bay (where a lot of striped bass live and breed): cut budget by 93%
Climate protection (which affects things like cold water...where things like trout and striped bass live): cut by 69%
Endocrine disruptors (chemicals that get into water, and fuck up the reproduction of fish...and people): cut by 94%
Environmental education (which affects how people think about water...where fish live): cut by 94%
Great Lakes (where steelbows, big smallmouth bass, and lake run browns live): cut by 97%
Gulf of Mexico (redfish, specks, tarpon...): cut by 78%
Marine pollution (see part about fish, above): cut by 15%
Puget Sound (salmon, etc.): cut by 93%
Safe & sustainable water sources (fish, again): cut by 35%
San Francisco Bay (fish...): cut by 100%
Wetlands (like estuaries, where fish reproduce): cut by 31%

There are others (e.g. drinking water, air quality), but they mostly affect non-fishermen so I didn't bother listing them.

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