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By austrotard
moon! moon! moon! moon! moon! moon!

that takes longer to cut and paste on an apple then it would be to type live.
something reminded me of froot.

ha ha... fucking root. froot.

I'm gonna go get me a froot.
yeah... disnae work.

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By Upsetter
Fired that dem cuckold McCabe and got his boss to do it. Win! Strip his metro ass of all benefits after it comes out he was fully sucking hillary’s Dick during her email investigation and double win!
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Good article but just one problem....

Soulless individuals like Upsetter dont actually want "peace and stability".....

......thats why hes busy in his garage makin munitions and sneakin peaks thru his curtain every 5 minutes....looking forward to things like race wars, food riots, general anarchy fits his lifestyle mission statement. These types care for no others...they're the "fuck you Ive got mine" proven by his last two posts. :coffee
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By Wingnut
And of course.....

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump says the ratings for his first State of the Union address this week are "the highest number in history," but that is not true.

Nielsen reports that about 45.6 million tuned in to watch Trump Tuesday night. That's below viewership for President Barack Obama's first State of the Union, which was about 48 million, and Trump's own joint address to Congress last year.

It also trails the 46.8 million viewers who tuned into President Bill Clinton's first State of the Union speech, and the 51.7 million who watched President George W. Bush's 2002 address.

Trump falsely argued last year that his inauguration was the most well-attended one ever.
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By austrotard
at what point do you pick your battles, wingo?

I mean, what you've just posted as flabbergasts... who fucking cares?
what the fuck does that have to do with anything?

the only people that find that interesting are the people who find that interesting.
and they're all on your side pointing out pointless shit that no one else cares about.

do you reckon he made it up or do you reckon someone gave him that info?

spoiler: the correct answer is who the fuck cares.
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By yard4sale
I care that our president is a straight up liar. If he lies about little things he lies about big things.

I’m not really sure the guy who responds to every post every night should be the one calling somebody out for content.

Hey Upsetter, I hope you cashed out on Monday because that 401K isn’t looking the same now.
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By austrotard

so what are you going to do about it?
and what have you done thus far?

I don't remember any wars won with cut and paste, mate.

austrotard wrote: Fri Feb 02, 2018 5:44 am

spoiler: the correct answer is who the fuck cares.
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By Wingnut
Shawn, if you don't give a fuck feel to piss off and not comment on this thread. You always have the rest of the board to patrol and stir shit up, which you admit is your MO, at your leisure.

All the best

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