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By root wad
Very impressive. The two of you sure make P.T. Barnum appear to be a pretty smart guy.
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By austrotard
[quote=Plow post_id=688320 time=1530490697 user_id=1185]


now youse owe me fi' dolla money.
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By CC Riebeeck
Pffft...go read some

Liberal "left"
Liberal "right"

No difference, principle foundations the same...go ahead, ask

I see youze'all are finally coming up for air from your foxholes and disturbing the crickets...

:vomit :vomit :vomit
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By Plow
He said some pretty damning stuff, thought I'd at least get the obvious responses. Like I said, he makes some good points.
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By B.M. Barrelcooker
I lean to the right and am registered libertarian .

I want to see the corresponding republican guy and his video.

This place is going down the tubes.
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B.M. Barrelcooker wrote: Sat Jul 21, 2018 9:34 pm I lean to the right and am registered libertarian .

I want to see the corresponding republican guy and his video.
You see the series of WalkAway ads from the Republican Party- depicting average Americans with quotes about about how the Democratic Party didn't work for them, they had to leave.

Stock photography and lame, made up quotes. Reminds me a lot of the above video. I think it's bullshit red meat for the base.
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By B.M. Barrelcooker
I think we should walk away from both of them.

and get back to being a country led "by the people" again not a bunch of professional politicians and lobbyists.
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By Plow
Haven’t seen the WalkAway ads (don’t watch much TV) but don’t doubt that was your takeaway.

The guy in the video describes some pretty horrible things going on, dare I say un-American. Thought some folks would pick-up on that. Bottom line is we’re Americans, we should be able to cuss and discuss differences and share a beer afterwards. That's what made us great.

BM, you mean a guy like Donald Trump!? I thought he included pro-staff politicians and lobbyist in draining the swamp. Keep the faith, Jeb could run again.
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By yard4sale
Solid job using a small minority to represent the mass.

Yes, the same can be said of how trumps base is portrayed.

The difference is that Trump plays to that minority and stokes the flames of hate. While the D’s rhetoric has grown lately Trumps has been rocket fueled.

It’s like the civility debate. For years trump uses playground derogatory nicknames but then when a private restaurant denies business to his chief liar it’s out of bounds.

I’d like to talk only about policy. That’s the proper way to do things.

Your boy stepped over that line beginning with the birther movement and now does so on a daily basis. His insane rhetoric and outright lying makes that impossible though.

I’m hopeful the Ds stick to the issues at the midterms. The Rs have had complete control for 2 years now and have only a shitty tax cut for the wealthy to show for it. Sure you are riding the downward trend of unemployment built by Obama. Sure you get to appoint lots of judges, but that’s only due to McConnels unethical hijacking of the process.

America has lost one of its most powerful tools: influence. Our allies just roll their eyes and look for a way to appease the holy narcissist. Our foes are openly upstaging trump at his own game of negotiation.

How exactly is trump making America great again? If he had any actual wins he wouldn’t have to focus so much on how unfair he is being treated. Nobody can argue with results.
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