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By Ramcatt

all around good stuff... nice shots

how many hours each day for the build
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Sweetness. That is a bad ass waterfall out in the middle of the woods.
By wvangler
We worked 8 hour days with an hour or so lunch break.

That stream is in a state park and has a trail nearby that gets a lot of hiker traffic. I would say that the stream gets around two or three dozen anglers a year on it though. It isn't a stocker stream and there is one nearby that gets all the mouth breathers. The native brook trout population is not overly impressive though. At least from my experience. There are plenty more where that comes from in the area so I doubt I'll fish this particular stretch much more in my life with hundreds more to explore.
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By troutphisher
The rods look like they are coming along nicely. Good stuff!
I bet they' ll have even more fun fishing them.
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By Outcast
whatcha tying?

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