All threads that bitch about new, existing, or old members will be posted/relocated here. Keep this shit off the General forum, because no one wants (or cares) to hear your opinions. Now go back to the other forums and post something worthy of reading.
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By West Chester
Damn bitches... ironically she flipped out when I brought up the subject of naked pictures.

It was a long term relationship also... 5 months. and i only had a few other gf's along the way.

so sad, time for jager and a bar trip right before closing time.
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By shunned
some birds just don't want to take nude pictures of you, mate.

but get pissed anyway. :Roll Eyes
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By Lenny
You seem very upset. I'm worried about you
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By flashback
Some people don't think child porno is a good idea.
Seriously, your pictures on the buildings thread were stunning. Give up the gfs but don't give up the camera.
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By Ramcatt

.... Give up the gfs but don't give up the camera.[/quote]

WC looks like you have a secrect admirer...

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By jerome
my advice is go out and find yourself a whore.....

an 8 ball and bottle of makers is optional...

and never put yourself in position to be "dumped" ....

i do my best to avoid all thought and discussion as far as the gf being my gf...its easy to refer to her as my gf, she may be only one i hang out with and fornicate with.... but she is not my gf, therefore when she tires of my shit... i dont get dumped, i just moved on to next non-gf....

speaking of which, i am fucked if the "gf" reads this... but you needed to hear this.... :cheer
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