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By shunned
I'm supposed to fly out to some bastard mining site on the 19th for a fortnight of serious wonga capture.

here's the dilemma...

I'm being drug tested in the morning 10am which I'm bound to flunk.
my eldest girl's 4th birthday is on the 21st.
I fancy smoking a cone.
I really don't need the wonga though it's handy for italy come may/june.
I really fancy a cone and shithousing finucane island... wherever the fuck that is.

heaviest rod I own is a tcx6.

so. should I go outside and get rooted and throw the match? turn to page 27.
or should I just smoke a durie, hit the sack and dream about fish I'm not going to catch 12 twatting hours north? turn to page 96.

first bloke who isn't a complete fuckstick (not including reef) chooses my own adventure.

I kinda feel like that seppo that topped himself online. :Roll Eyes
Smoke it, there's always more wonga to be made, but you might never see that cone again
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Salmotrutta wrote:Send someone to make your wonga. Duh.
Stunt double.

Don't wanna miss the birthday.
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By ditchdoc
Drink as much water as you can hold. Then drink more. Drink, piss, repeat. Take the fucking piss test. If you pass--good on you. If not--well, you expected that anyway. I say get the wonga. More wonga=more toys for you and yours. Everybody wins. Ta.
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By D-nymph
You're bound to fail the piss test anyway, right?

Smoke the cone.

But first take a pic of the rolled up beauty.

Then take a pic, post burn, of the conical roach.

post em up.

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By Sagittarius62
How many fuckers lay on their death bed and say, "I spent too little time making money, and too much time with those I cared about"?

Not too many I'd wager.
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By shunned
that's the first time I've had a cone for the entertainment of others on purpose.
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fuck it, hey.
I want to be here for the little one's birthday.
21st is a saturday (though it's probably fucking tuesday over there, you upsidedown homos)

typical weekend conversation with my eldest girl...

daddy mitch: so want do you fancy doing today?
elizabeth: Ohh! may we go to a lovely cafe?
dm: (thinking wtf) you want to go to a cafe??
e: oh yes please!
dm: fair enough.

so my evil mitch plan was to take her out for lunch (she's a doll in restaurants) and then take her to the kite shop and fly a kite in the afternoon when the cool westerly blows...

:cool fellas,

little tip for you.
if you don't want 'her indoors' to ever find the roaches, fold them in beer caps.

oh. and title your porn dvds with titles like 'f.a. cup final 1992'
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