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By DeadRatsClacker
Better than what is usually in your hand

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I have not been posting to many photos because my Nikon SLR is in the shop....this was taken with a point and shoot. Sill turned out ok.[report]Turkey Basin Poon....[/report]
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By Kosofish
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Brown Trout from the North Fork of the White River, Missouri
Pentax Optio WP
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By P-A
The trolls are going to eat you up Kosofish but cool photo.
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P-A wrote:The trolls are going to eat you up Kosofish but cool photo.
Hang in there pastor Koso- good stuff. Another newb will throw themselves on the fire soon.
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By P-A
Make you intropost dude or you will have to pay the dubble dues.
Here is one handfisk also for ya.
:gun :cool
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By MTgrayling
Since I'm usually alone I have many fish in hand pictures. Some favorites...





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