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Sulphers were coming off fairly well last night, here in MD. Fish were taking duns early, then switched over to spinners at dark. #16 parachute sulpher (3 parts cream, 1 part sulpher yellos and a *pinch* of orange) with a dark brown shuck. Even worked as a spinner. Landed some, but missed an embarassing number of fish.
I'll be up in the Pine and Kettle area over the holiday weekend.
Pix from the trip. It was an adventure...Sweet apt. bldg. in PhilaPA where I was sidetracked at a wedding... :cool:
Righteous sulphur blizzard today on a creek in WNY, too busy to take fish porn shots, but I swear the larger fish could tell the difference between a male sulphur and female or something, there were some weird refusals then fish actually coming out of the water to chase expecially light duns. Comparaduns tied with rust thread seemed to work where a lighter thread didn't. And these fish have a brain the size of a pea?
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