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By Smithhammer
I use knotless. For most situations, I just don't see the need to spend a bunch of extra time building them. I usually add a short section of tippet, one size down, at the end to prolong the life/length of the leader. Agreed on the Orvis knotless leaders - way too much memory. I've been happy with the Umpqua's, but I'm curious to try some Rio's.
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By flyfisheraa573
Umpquas are good, but I haven't tried Rios. A long the same lines as this post, what about tippet preferences?
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For trout I usally start out with an SA 9ft 4x.n Carp,9ft 8lb bonefish leader, SA againn Salmon/Steelhead 12ft 12lb SA bonefish leader for a floating line and anything short and heavy for an intermediate or sinking line.n WT
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By FliesOnly
For trout, I go with knotless tapered by umpqua or rio. Both are very good. I have tried tinkering tying my own leaders, but the pain is not worth the $.....Steelhead-I tie my own for indy fishing on our smallish rivers. I use Rio Flouro for this.
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By Jon
Tie my own, the Geo Harvey formula works well for dry fly fishing. Maxima for the butt section, any quality brand of softer mono for the transition sections and tippet. Never had much trouble with weeds on the knots.For steelheading, I use a 60% butt section, 20% transition, 20% tippet for weighted flies w/floating line.
By Caddisman
I make my own furled leaders out of tying thread for dries, and mono (Maxima) for nymphs and steelhead setups. 15 minutes makes a leader that will last a few seasons instead of a few weeks, and they turn over and float down the lightest of dry flies or the clunkiest of wet flies...KERSPLASH!Bill
By Dave R.
Living where I do, we are somewhat limited on leaders. I use Orvis Super Strong and have not had a problem with them. But, prefer SA leaders when I can get them. For subsurface, I use a straight piece of Berkley Vanish.
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By slavetotheflyrod
Here's a tip - If you fish flourocarbon tippets, instead of buying 100 yd tippet spools for twelve bucks or more, get a filler spool or two of P line flouroclear. The stuff works every bit as good as the Rio or Orvis and a 600 yard spool can be found most places for ten bucks or less. Then, just to be cool, spool the p line onto an empty rio or orvis spool and impress your friends.
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By Lenny
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By West Chester
Wow the old guard was an interesting bunch. I just learned that if you tie tippet on the end of a leader you can extend its life
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By Lenny
West Chester wrote:Wow the old guard was an interesting bunch. I just learned that if you tie tippet on the end of a leader you can extend its life
Wonder how they would have handled the spammer?
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By West Chester
gave him advice on mending or the proper way to rig a dropper
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