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By Heero
The fuck if I know; I wasnt really paying attention. I could give two flying fucks about the Phillies and have a general dislike for baseball, but I was promised all the beer I could drink so off I went.

Here is one where it is tied:


Those are the only game/stadium shots on the roll.
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By Pancho Rancho
Not that I give a flying Philedelphia about Philly or baseball either (not exactly true, I check the box scores on the Rockies) but I noticed in shot one the stands are full and its pretty dark outside and shot two the stands are empty and its lighter outside. No temporal sequencing of the shots, I suppose. In my experience (N=1) baseball games are pretty good places to get liquored up. Toward the end the make you get up and sing and everything. Nice pics.
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By Heero
Ya, pic 2 is, I think, the warmups right before the start. Pic 1 and 3 were maybe sometime halfway thru the game and taken right after one another and the last pic was towards the end right before it went into extra innings.
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By Sakonnet
DSC_0368.jpg (131.53 KiB) Viewed 1362 times
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By vaku
Taken on a road trip in AZ. on film. with a rolei. no PS other than contrast and exposure adjustments. dust and spots removed from the bad flatbed scan. a bit of sharpening.

azflag.1sml.jpg (187.7 KiB) Viewed 1322 times
seriously cool ditch :cool
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