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By Ramcatt
Springfed wrote:Those Duluth Decoy bags are a bit pricey...awesome stuff Bob :cool
yeah... but you can beat the fucking hell out of them
and they will last forever
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By Big Oil
Luc is the most loved dog we have had as a family. He gets by with more than any other dog I have owned.
Luc 01.jpg
On a covey prior to shooting time...
Luc 01.jpg (116.38 KiB) Viewed 1583 times
Trying to push the fish towards me...
Luc 02.jpg
Let me find you some fish...
Luc 02.jpg (136.15 KiB) Viewed 1583 times
Always has time to find birds...
Luc 03.jpg
Dove this late in the year?!?!?
Luc 03.jpg (160.47 KiB) Viewed 1583 times
Smart enough to know who has the softest heart at the end of the day...
Luc  04.jpg
Big old baby of a Brittany...
Luc 04.jpg (120.97 KiB) Viewed 1583 times
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Ramcatt wrote:
LOST wrote:[report]
The attachment Rocco2.jpg is no longer available
what the fuck are you hunting with that brusier?
piggy.jpg (32.72 KiB) Viewed 1574 times
minus Kermit. He's a pretty damn smart dog. He already retrieves doves. Dont know what he will do with a duck yet. He's pretty thin skinned.

Im outta the Quarter for a minute..
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By fishpimp
Bob, yer my hero, I could only hope to get that good. That last one captures it perfectly!
By No Idea
Bobwhite wrote:There's something about dogs that I love to paint...

Luke and me...

"The Marsh Guide" - Alaska
The Way Its Remembered - Salt Marsh.jpg
Mac after ptarmigan...

"In Between Covers" - Alaska
In Between Covers.jpg
A friends pointer...

I've always admired your hunting scenes Bob. The new cover of Pointing Dog Journal looks great btw...
I haven't read your article yet but have heard it is a great piece. I'm saving it for a while.

Wishing I was gonna make an upper prairie hunt this year. That sharpie was right there...
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By fishpimp
Got out with a few nurse and doc buddies, my boy, and my dad for some fez on my bro-in-laws hunting club. This was my old mans' first time picking up a gun since retirement from the Army, didn't hit shit but had a great time. 15 birds down between 9 of us. The lab belongs to a nurse friend of mine who is having my bro-in-law train her. She pooped out after the first field pass but did good; she's better at ducks anyway. :bow Porter, on the other hand is a non stop stud!
That last shot is with the toycamera on the iphone.
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By Carolina_Fly
She's still in training ... but I love her.




- Thomas
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By AngryDave
My Swamp Collie
33784_443536796949_501931949_5090408_3099293_n.jpg (73.36 KiB) Viewed 1498 times
17880_283235981949_501931949_3300211_4609579_n.jpg (43.06 KiB) Viewed 1498 times
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