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By thalweg
Those tail shots really put those fish in perspective.
That is the good stuff right there. :cool
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By Redchaser
BearsFan wrote:Damn Ron! How did the circle hooks work out for you?
Never got around to trying the circle hooks. I fished the same fly all weekend, a big black and red seaducer tied on a 2/0 Gamakatsu sc15 with big lead eyes plus more lead wire wrapped around the shank...getting hit by it on the back cast would be a memorable experience.
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Plow, I'm not sure what's up with the spots. I had the no spot fish yesterday, Devin had the barely spotted fish, and Barret had a fish a couple of weeks ago with no spots on one side. Apparently some spotless genes have gotten thrown into the mix around here.

Thalweg, those big tails work too. Today I saw parts of my backing that haven't seen sunlight since I put it on. I almost lost my first big fish today because he got me way into my backing and hit a spot where my backing had dug in and basically knotted itself. Luckily he didn't surge hard when he hit that spot and I was able to start regaining line and never let him get that far out again. Devin also had a mishap on the big fish of the day. The fish started running and Devins fly line came out of the stripping basket with a big tangle in it. The tangle caught in the guide of the tip section and pulled the tip section off of the rod. I poled toward the fish to make sure it didn't break off while Devin recovered the tip section, untangled the knot, then got the fish back on reel and landed it.
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By BearsFan
Believe I would have de-barbed that fucker. Hopefully before the fucker gentleman up front stuck it in the back of my head.
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By Hogleg
Wow. I mean, wow. You and Devin both suk :cool
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By nympho
Did the Chamber of Commerce pay you to post those pics?

Holy Shit.

I need to get my ass there.
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