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By Kylemc
shunned wrote:when I was younger I used to kick deadheads from asshole to breakfast.
fucking scumbags.

Are we kin?...that means related
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By shunned
I know what that means... I've seen shit patrick swayze films.

I wish we were... I could use a fourth passport.
the only places I can't live in this world I wouldn't want to anyway.

By Kylemc
Pat swazzy,,ha! We be kin fore you know my aussie pal.

the dead..well
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By Aguirre
Wow. Good work boys.
[quote="jhnnythndr"]Here one of my favorites. 77 coming through again.

[quote="Lenny"]another awesome Jerry ballad, to ease my soul


Thunder, best Brokedown ever. I think I'm responsible for all those hits on that youtube link.

Lenny, couldn't agree more with you and that tune is the second exception to my 'nothing after 79' rule. I fuckin love that one.
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By Aguirre
If you haven't watched this, you should:

Then this:

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By Aguirre
For you iphone dudes this app gives you access to every show, ever...

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Well,well,well, so this is where all the heads a been hangin'. Lenny, that Standing from the Gahden is awesome. I actually have on my wall in VT tickets for the FALL 1995 Boston Garden run!! Jerry died only a couple days after they had started to send mailorder out, and I was lucky enough to get the actual tickets. They have a little stamp of Jerry on the back.
I agree, the 92-95 shows were very hit or miss. I saw them indoors at Albany during the summer 95. Jerry was hurting to be sure, and on that second night, he reached deep and pulled out some shit despite his health. He was leaning over his amp during drumz/space for awhile tinkering and trying to get his sound right. He looked like he'd collapse at any moment, and ya know what he pulled out? Black Peter. "I was layin' in my bed and dyin'..." Blew my mind. A couple of songs later and he finished with my all time favorite, and the only time he pulled it during summer 95....Morning Dew.
I know it's fairly popular nowadays, but Pembroke Pines, FLA 5/22/77 (Dicks picks #3) is my all time favorite. I love how Jerry says, "I'll take it from here gang..." and in the 2nd set goes from Estimated-Eyes-Wharf Rat-Terrapin-Morning Dew. No encore, just a synapse crackling Dew ender. And for the Terrapin fans, Terrapin just beautifully comes out of Wharf Rat, but only the last verse...INSPIRATION....
As for other gems in the memory roledex: Vancouver '73 China-Rider; The whole damn Alpine Meadows 82 (a gem of a year), the China-Rider has Jerry doing some sweet tweeks that has his guitar sounding like he's at a Lou-ow in Hawaii during the bridge.
Most memorable image? Jerry, in shorts and tee-shirt dancing to CSN on stage at Buffalo 1990. He looked truly happy. Later, the Loose Lucy was the ducks nuts. Thanks guys for getting this thing rolling. Most of my dead/jerry is in VT right now, with just enough to get me thru here in NZ on my ipod. :Roll Eyes :cool
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By Greenback
What the fuk is going on at 3:35 during Jack Straw? Is that really necessary? Otherwise a kick ass song.[/quote]

That dude is in deep.

X2 on the Peggy.

A few other favs

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By Upsetter
Ahhhh....nostalgia.....used to run with the boys when I was a wee lad, 85-90. When Brent died, I moved on.

Old skool...

A must listen, classic!

The Pig!

Awesome quality from an incredible show....

THE classic from one of the most amazing shows in their history...

HA, just noticed it was 1 of 4, wouldnt want to buzzkill, here's the rest.

Thanks for the flashback boys, it was fun listening to these tunes again, its been a while. :cool
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By Upsetter
Okay, Im getting carried away, but this is fun and Im bored...

Dont know if yall are familiar with this one, but it made regular appearances as a bridge of sorts, in the midst of jazzy jams in the early 70's, doesnt really start till 1 minute in...

More trippy, super high quality shit from an incredible run of shows...

One of my favorite tunes, done well, hq sound, great video...

More kick ass Pig...

An ode to Brent...RIP brother.... :cool

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By jhnnythndr
Eyes, YES!!! ha ha ha, that's what I'm talking about. welcome aboard man. if you can cook, you may as well through up some shit in the Zaxis thread... and of course we have other than dead in the CLA7 thread... don't be a stranger down here.
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They got banned because they're gheys :gun

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