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By Dave R.
Reading Creeklover's thread about where to go out West got me to thinking. My wife and I are planning such a trip the end of next August, early September. Most likely YNP.I have a 9' 6wt rod that I plan to take, but was wondering if I should also take another rod with me. If so, what weight and length? I have an 8' 5wt that I use allot around here for panfish.
By bigtj
Those two rods would work fine. I usually fish a 9' 4 and a 9'6, using the lighter rod for dries and the heavier rod for nymphs and streamers with some cross-over as conditions warrant. If you are going someplace notorious for heavy winds, like SE Wyoming, a 9'7 is nice to have, or you can over-line your 6-wt one line as long as it's not a noodle.On the lighter end of things, for small streams it's nice to have a 2 or 3-wt, but the 8'5 you have would be nice, too.-John
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By Jon
Definitely bring the second rod. If for no other reason than to have a backup if your primary rod gets broken. Remember - Murphy was an optimist....
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