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By Springfed
fullwells wrote:hey buddy
Swing and a miss! Awesome shots wells. :cool
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By GStyler
fullwells wrote:haha,new hardware,I've got shitloads of useless images,sorry folks.
Ok, these are retarded good, so I'm gonna ask... What are ya using for gear? I took a peak at your exif data, so I know what camera, focal lengt, etc you are using. I am assuming you are using the "EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L", or just the 400mm f5.6. I guess the lense doesn't really matter.

...I more want to know if you are using a Polarizing filter, or have tried one. I just bought a Bigma, and at that focal length and 86mm thread, I'm gonna have to drop some serious coin (not that the lense was cheap) on a good one that is perfectly flat. More importantly, is if its worth losing the ~2 stops of light. both for the shutter speed, and AF. You are getting a pretty fast shutter speed, so I'm assuming you aren't using a filter. Do you look for specific light conditions, or just shoot whenever? I have a polarizer for my other lenses, but i've never tried it at extreme focal lengths and large apertures, where precise focus is critical. Its crazy how well the polarizing filters work. Fishing glasses only help so much, but looking through my viewfinder... when you turn that filter so that its at the correct angle, its like fuckin x-ray vision. I keep joking with my brother that I should make a pair of fishing glasses out of some small filters. haha.

How close are you getting/how much are you cropping your shots? I'm running Nikon stuff with 1.5 crop sensor, so with the 500mm, I'll have a bit more reach than your 400mm x 1.3crop... But its not size that matters, its how you use it :cool

Also, do you prefer to buy tapered leaders, or to tie your own? :stupid

...for your troubles:
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By fullwells
Thanks,GS-don't use a polarizer much,too much light lost.The key is the minimum focus distance,under 6ft is good.I crop some images,but most are uncropped,here are some examples. I've found micro adjusting the lense to a +10 or +12 brought the focal plane to where it works better,but all lenses are different,you have to fiddle with it a bit.My camera has trouble with AF and low contrast,and a filter seems to make it worse,wish my lense had a focus limiter.
Not much help I know,but hey
IMG_3006.JPG (324.95 KiB) Viewed 1320 times
IMG_2928.JPG (292.91 KiB) Viewed 1320 times
IMG_1589.JPG (360.94 KiB) Viewed 1320 times
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By Sakonnet
Dude, do the right thing. :wink
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By Wharf Rat
She just wants a kiss...

And I really wish these had turned out sharper, but I suck with a camera...
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