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By Yard Sale
Dude, you really want to see chers nipps? Like that frontal thong wasn't enough? Blump, you gotta go help him find a message parlor in maine.
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By fatman
bump for Fred.... :smile
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By stillsteamin
great bump. In the austrians stead, I'll say I havent seen twocunts smashing each other that hard since freshman year. And even then... idk. Hard to top TP in his prime.
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By flashback
This was always one of the best threads, even without Mitch.
The neuroscience lecture was a hoot, maybe more AI and deep learning emphasis is what some people need, still can’t see a machine able to comprehend why we fish, I think most would have difficulty in understanding Dostoyevsky, always have had a problem with him, The Piper At The Gates of Dawn is more my speed.
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By fishskibum
I still don't git salt life
Even after reading the whole thread
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By Redchaser

Please don't take this thread as representative of "salt life". Most dudes fishing salt aren't ate up with the dick measuring contest of tournaments or records or whatever the fuck TP and MB were measuring their dicks about.
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By BigTimber
besides, wasn't the biggest tarpon caught in LA? They weren't even trying were they, Ron?
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By Redchaser
BigTimber wrote: Fri Oct 23, 2020 2:59 pm besides, wasn't the biggest tarpon caught in LA? They weren't even trying were they, Ron?
I think they caught one in 2015 that was around 245 or so. I don't much keep up with it. We all saw the replica mount of that 230 pounder on the wall in the restaurant. It was a beast.
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