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By Hogleg
CarelessEthiopian wrote:
Fished the XXX, 12/3 with fantastic results! It was fairly cool with off and on snow showers.I love the cold weather! Weeds out the sunny-weathers from the die-hards! ... Caught a 30" steelhead, a true cutty, a rainbow, and six browns of varying size. Lost as many, including 36"++er I had on for like 15 min.
He fished a river in Colorado.
Sweet. Which one? I've always wanted to catch a steelhead.
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By shunned
those fucking hippies told me I had a marlin on knowing full fucking well it was a queenie.
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By blumpkin
I was minding my own business when I came across the following exchange.

What do you do when you find a juicy redd?
I found one yesterday and I`m ethically confused.
Should you leave it alone and let the fish propagate,
cash and release and go easy on what you catch or should
you fire up the frying pan and have at it?
I`m leaning toward the second alternative,but I`m
open to suggestions...

Throw big rocks in to get them moving around, and off the redds. Then fish for them.

You're an idiot.

jhnnythndr hater #1
Originally Posted by jhnnythndr
Throw big rocks in to get them moving around, and off the redds. Then fish for them.

You're an idiot.

Replies like this and some others here on this thread are a classic example of why I have stopped writing replies here. I read and comprehended the original post and I believe the member made clear he was inclined to leave the fish alone. I also believe this was an honest question that could have done with just one solid and detailed answer and not a free for all to bash the poster. Not everyone who joins an internet forum is a fishing or fisheries expert and not every question regarding an ethical issue is an effort to light a bonfire.


If you would like to have a discussion regarding your question feel free to send a PM to me. I still check my mail here weekly.

jhnnythndr hater #2
Originally Posted by jhnnythndr
Throw big rocks in to get them moving around, and off the redds. Then fish for them.

You're an idiot.

Seeing as I've already dipped one oar in the water, I might as well make it two. I find the above post to be personally demeaning , not to mention Otis. It smacks of the same kind of elitism and intolerance that gives Spey fishing a bad name.

I can only assume the author was born with this set of fishing ethics and has denied all others the time to learn and the right to ask.

An apology would be a good first step

jhnnythndr response/apology

You fellas enjoy your discussion via pm regarding the niceties of redd raping.

For my part I will continue to meet it with hostility.

I find it ludicrous that you feel the need to entertain this kind of nonsense. If you need to ask whether or not it's cool to snag fish off redds your compass is out of whack enough that you may well be a bit hazy on whether or not it's ok to sell children, or conduct genocide. You know- as long as I do it discreetly right????

This is one of those questions that really needs a good slap in the face as an answer.

I knew better than to respond. Such is life right. Chomp on man. Chomp on.

Additionally you might note- its a very solid and productive technique endorsed by such luminaries as Jim teeny. Who am I to argue with that?

But 247 you are correct an apology would be a good start and I hope the OP Has the character to step forward and do what's right here, though I wholeheartedly believe that his character is entirely deficient and don't anticipate he will take that step. Fortunately I am resilient and shan't lose any sleep.
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blumpkin wrote:shan't lose any sleep.
Point JT.
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By fatman

"I was raised to be Politeness Man. I don't always achieve it, but it's fairly ingrained.

The question ends with "juicy redd?" I have to believe it was a trollish question to begin with, and I get tired of this kind of stuff. What is the point?

I think if the question were sincere, it would have a little more of that feel to it.

Were I inclined to be more direct, to direct an answer with the tone in which the question was asked, I would have answered along the lines of Mr. Thndr. Probably giving the troll what they were after to begin with, but being truthful too.

And if you are ever wondering, Thndr will show up. Every time. "
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By unskunkable
I thought I was on too many boards already, I guess not though I must find this one of which you have quoted.
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By Greenback
FuckDuke wrote:Still being relatively new to fly fishing the one thing I haven't done is cast a shit ton of rods...

On that note...what's the best casting rod you've ever cast? Bamboo, Glass, Graphite..and what, to you, set it apart from everything else?

With technologically more advanced rods being produced every year there has to be some old rods that can still hold their on against the new shit...

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By tailchaser
wow, greenback. I'd hate to be on that forum....

oh wait, never mind...

funny shit, bro. :bow
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By shunned
Whilst fishing with a streamer fly and missing a couple of takes the other day I got to thinking.... What would be the best angle on which to hold the rod when retrieving?

270 degrees, mate.
preferably over your knee. :coffee
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By jdub
They're everywhere...
I am a former fishing guide, live in Cayo and get to fish only once or twice a year. This week, Thursday or Friday is it. I want to fish live bait for snook around the mangroves or wherever we can find them. I would drive down in the morning, early and fish all or half day. I would want the guide to have good gear, maybe medium lightweight rods. I don't want to go to the cayes but maybe Sittee or some mangrovey/fishy spot. Paying tourist prices is not ideal but I'll pay to for for sure. Who can help?

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