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By ditchdoc
[report]This has been perching in my back yard for the last two days. unusual for me to have one hang around this long in the city.
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By fallen513
Really cool animal. Ever see the business end? Owls have an opposable thumb that can change how they grasp. (perching vs. grabbing prey)

By blue ridge angler
Awesome Ditch..Thats a little screech owl right?
The past couple years I have spotted a few of the great horned variety around here..amazing how they can fly without making a sound..Stealthy tactics those critters have..
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By Spicytuna
Those tings are way cool.

I just Learned they can't move their eyes at all that's why their head can turn in any direction.
By Articulated Trico
Very cool Ditch! I read there was a bumper crop of lemmings this past year in the artic thus an abundance of snowy owls pushing there winter range into new areas seeking rodents. Some have made it as far south as Hawaii? A few years back I saw one downtown getting it's ass kicked by a group of starlings. Shame one of my favorite raptors, next to the Stellar eagle.
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