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By Redchaser

I ask because last night I had smoked then roasted chicken at a local restaurant that was out of this world. Deep smoke flavor but very juicy and crispy skin. I'm going to give it a try, thanks.
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By Transylwader
downright wrong! You could show that foul mouthed Scottish git, Gordon Ramsey a thing or two Bob!
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By Ephemeral

that looks like a good loaf of bread too.

Really brings the meal together.
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By Ajax
I have a Brinkman that operates on the same theory... full tilt is good! I wait until the smoke is pouring out, then set whatever item is the object of my wrath onto the grates for 45min to an hour. That imparts a good smoke flavor into everything from Pork Shoulder to whitefish. Trying to 'cook' in the thing absent a thermostat is damned near impossible, unless you want shoe leather jerky.
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By Lenny
Chrise Bob, is there anything you dont do well? :cool

I see a Food Network show in the making for the 2 of you.

that was awesome
By blue ridge angler
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By Meatwad
Is that the Lynmar Russian River Pinot? Hot damn! Great spot, Lynmar. Even better wine.... well done. Thanks for the food/wine porn
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