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By ImaBetterFisherThanYou
Hola mes amigos,
Not sure as to how many of you do it, but I was looking to get your opinion on Czech nymphing? Only a few guys venture to do it around down south, as they often don't want to risk the possible event of losing there two and even three fly rigs. But a question to those who do, how do you prefer it? Personally I like going two, about 16 inches apart, with the bottom one bouncing of the bottom, sans an indicator (more exciting without one, in my opinion). The problem I'm facing though, is to cast upstream (with the innevitable risk of losing multiple flies in an outing), or to just swing it in with hopes of a good drift. I'm just letting it dead drift over nearby holes, but not getting as much action as others I've seen using the technique (dually noted that its not easy to massage an answer out of the fellow weekend warriors on the river). In my area BWO's are magic, just a matter as how to present it. So the question for you all, cast upstream, look for a more distant cast (not much considering the heavy strung BWO I use as an anchor) or dead drift?
Cholo out
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By Mike Honcho
Two words...Tuck Cast
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By cool manchu
I think Lando likes to use the Eric's Uber Baetis. :Roll Eyes ... but I could be wrong.
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By fallen513
Beads. Lots of 'em.
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By Yard Sale
Czech dry fly fishing is where it's at.
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By Bobwhite
My wife is Czech... just what are you trying to get at?

dobrou chut!
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By TX.
Yard Sale wrote:Czech dry fly fishing is where it's at.
Last night it was worm and bobber fishing and now Czech Nymphos...
I'm confused....
And you guys actually replied to the troll?
(Me too).
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By tailchaser
i used to date nymph....O

aaaaahhhhh... the good ol days.
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By jhnnythndr
3. Maybe. It just depends. But i always use Adams.

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