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By PastorBen
Well… I have been kinda laid up for the last ten days, with a viral inner ear infection, this infection really hammered my leftside…buttoning shirts and tying shoes were extremely hard tasks to accomplish…as was walking …on the upside my sweetie got to spend six days with me…making sure I did as the good doctors instructed… Sadly she had to return to Jackson hole on Monday…so Mz Ashley and I have been without adult supervision, for a few days now. We have both been kinda restless these last two days. So this morning we drove into Dillon, to stock up the pantry and check out the sales at the Patagonia outlet…..when we got home we stopped by the post office to pick up the mail and we were greeted with a gift from SOFB…


the temp was hovering around a balmy 46 degrees…so we head out to the ranch to see if we could move some fishes…
The river looked great…though it was a blue bird day…I was doubtful as to the chance of getting any fishes to hand…


to be on the safe side I left my waders in the rig and just planned to walk the banks…the fishin’ was good and the new streamers worked great we move a bunch of fish and got four to hand…we fished for the better part of two hours and stopped when the guides started icing up…

One of 4 we got to hand today…(iPhone photos sorry for the poor quality..)


After a busy few hours swimming in 43 degree water it’s nice to come home to your very own couch…


Grace and thanks for the Streamers, Brian…

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By Bobwhite
Beautiful day, river, flies, fish, dog... and I actually liked the photographs. You have anything in the smoker for the weekend?

Hope you mend quickly.
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By steelrain202
hope you heal quick Ben
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By cantfishforshit
Thanks for sharing pastor...dang nice river and the fellas on this board can tie.
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By Nemeth
I feel ya Ben, A bad sinus infection a couple weeks back swelled my Eustachian tube thingy shut. Feels like there's something living in my ear and it won't pop at all. Could take up to three months for the swelling to go down and all the fluid to drain. I'm gonna lose my mind.

Nice to see you get out though, hope you feel better.
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By WanderingBlues
Nothing wrong with those pics. Told the story just fine. Glad to hear you are feeling better,.
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By shunned
middle of summer, no water and no fish.
I'd trade that for an ear infection.

cheers... and I know I should be mindful of what I wish for,

Hey Ben glad to hear you were feeling well enough to get out and catch some fish !! I always enjoy seeing your reports. Now fire up the smoker !!
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By ncguy
Love the first picture. You can see Ms Ashley in the background looking for more fish in the run. Glad you're feeling well enough to get out.
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By PastorBen
Bobwhite wrote:Beautiful day, river, flies, fish, dog... and I actually liked the photographs. You have anything in the smoker for the weekend?

Hope you mend quickly.

hey there

doin up a big batch of chicken thighs today...last week I did a couple of chuck roasts, like I do pulled pork and use the meat in chili...get a wonderful smoky flavor to the chili..

Grace and peace

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