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By Kyner
Looks good to me, thanks for posting my good man :bow .
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By The Volfish
Smoked roast for the chili, great idea. Going to give it a try soon.

Hope you're back out and about at 100% soon.
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By Woolybug25
Sorry to hear about the ear infection, those are the worst.

Thanks for the update and lets see that SMOKER!

ps - I resemble Mrs Ashley after a day of fishing too. haha
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By fumerole
That place looks familiar.
Good to hear you've recovered and found your way out.
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By ScottP
Nice job, Ben; glad to see you're out on the water. Did Ms. Ashley find any birds to flush or did she spend the whole time swimming?
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By slavetotheflyrod
Bumping openly-ghey off the page
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By K_P
Sorry to read of your February funk. However, it looks like you and lefty made it out for a gorgeous day.

Way to overcome, and inspire, yet again.

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By PastorBen
Hey there

Thank you all for your kind words….as to my smoker...I have a small Treager (pellet smoker) and a Weber grill…


I try to use the smoker at least once a week…sometimes its runs all week…
I’ve done pizza…


Boat eggs,


Meat loaf…

and of course Pork Butts(shoulders) …


Grace and peace

Should I fish it?

does it still have the cigarette lighter? Cuz that[…]

He is the Great Cornholio!


Best day of my life TR

Nice bun. And the rest


that's a nice kitty!

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