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By viking
Just found out that today is the day they start demolition on the Marmot Dam on the Sandy river here in Orygun. Good news for a great steelhead and salmon river. Recovery estimates seem kind of vague but hopefully in a couple of years the runs will be back up in full strength. Oregonian ArticlePS - Sorry about posting actual fish info.

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By Ginseng Sullivan
that is great news and should be celebrated. the shortsightedness of the interests that built dams like that is nothing short of astounding. hey i got an idea lets build a huge dam way down on the columbia. i mean there's only about a gozillion salmon and steelhead that spawn in it's hundreds of tributaries going inland up to 100 miles. should be no problem, we'll figure something out.
By nllaeder
A dam coming down, and a midget stripper? Fuck this place, I'm moving to the PDX. Them boys know how to party.
By Deerhawk
This is the best news for the Sandy in 100 years :(
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By SageBrush
Hate to piss in the punchbowl, but what about all the silt that has backed up behind the dam? Will they remove it or let it wash down into the lower river and any spawning areas? Will this impact at all? Just asking because of concerns about dam removal on streams in the Great lakes region.Sage
By viking
They are leaving the silt where it is, then letting the winter rains blow everything out. They (the biologists for PacifiCorp on the news last night) seem to be pretty sure that they can protect a lot of the spawning beds that are already in use. Keep in mind this hasn't really been done around here before and people aren't exactly sure what's going to happen. Most agree that though it might be a rough few years, in the long run the fish will be much better off.
By bigtj
Fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!This is the tip of the iceberg. Next the Elwah and the Rogue, and hopefully the Klamath. People have had enough of the damage that the useless dams do to the fisheries. The days of pissing on steelhead and salmon runs are numbered.I am really confident that the work on the Sandy will show that when you take big dams down the river will bounce right back. Wait and see....people will be saying, why don't we do this elsewhere???This is a great day for steelhead and salmon recovery.
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