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By Redchaser
Any yuse guys got any experience with the Canon Elph 500? ( ... _ixus310hs ) I'm looking for a compact P&S with Aperature and Shutter priority modes, plus video. I've got my DSLR for heavy lifting but I'm taking my kid to Disney in June and want something that will be light and easy to carry but give me good IQ but I only want to drop around $200 (or less). Waterproof is NOT a priority on this one, I'd rather have good IQ and a lower price.

I use RAW in my DSLR all the time and frankly haven't tried doing any PP with JPG. Should not having a raw mode be a deal breaker? (Of course I understand I can get Raw out of it using CHDK). Any similar suggestions?
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By locogringo
Take a look at this rig. Bigger sensor than the Elph. It has a 35mm = 28-84. You might be surprised enough by the pics you get that you end up buying better lenses for it and carrying it on the boat. The lens that comes with it is regarded as a pretty good kit lens. This is a refurb, but it has a 1 year warranty from Cameta, and they are a reputable seller. ... &cmsid=536
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By Redchaser

That really looks like a cool deal, but I'm really looking for a pocket camera, and it's just a little too big for that.
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By locogringo
Yeah the only way that would be truly pocketable would be with a 14mm or 20 mm pancake lens which would double the price of the rig. That Canon may be the ticket for pocketable.
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By upshitscreek
the only other idea if you are set on RAW would be to go on KEH and look at their used canon G9's or so. they are in that range there. no HD though.

edit: forgot to mention a used canon s90 on keh too. shoots raw. smaller size.
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By NeedmoreDEET
Red, check out Canon's S90 and newer. They have the "guts" of the G series but they are in a smaller form factor. The s 95 had 720 HD video, while the S100 has full 1080P.

and a sheep shot. strong work :smile

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