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RFA - They did the Seventh Son original stage set (and the set list was along those lines), and Eddie came out in a civil war costume with a bayonet. It was a fantastic show and they are great, no burn out at all, Bruce was excellent, they all were. They are something that truly is epic. They did all kinds of odd songs in a way that only a band like Maiden could do (eg. The Prisoner and Afraid to Shoot Strangers) and the crowd knew them all. I guess the thing with them is they could play these 17 songs or those 17 songs, or another completely different 17 songs and save for a few like "The Trooper" or "Aces High", they couldn't go wrong.
Maiden. fucking righteous!
truteya wrote:Great to see you back! I thought of you a few weeks ago when I stopped being an alcoholic for 7 days. It helped.
Thanks for freshening the place up.

lmao, well I have over 3 years now and it's been pretty good. As far as freshening anything up, you should have smelt my shorts after that adventure :vomit . When the interwebs get smell feature we will all be in trouble.

It's Wednesday, you dolt.

Thumbing Through Some SBSs

Arancia Muddler[…]

I am thinking Fred A........... :coffee

Average entertainment. Better than one star.

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