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By Ski4trees
An english major? That makez sense. I figured it was punishment when she sat on my face. Must have been the poor spelling on the eye. Hoe. Ewe I gave her.

Wait.. Why am I getting dawgged for the video? Haha dick heads
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By shunned
at worst you could be slightly humorous.
but what a fucking let down... you're untalented and boring.

continue to prove me right, sook. :coffee
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By Lando
Ski4trees wrote: ill see rene tomorrow... Ill let.him know ur thoughts douche
I ought to make the drive over and punch you in the twat myself. And tell your buddy to buy a net........or learn how to land a trout quickly. Your video sucked, your writing couldn't pass as a 4th grader (since you have already proven you can't read for shit) and I bet you haven't tasted puss in the past five months. There isn't shit in IP, but I bet you live in Drictor with your dog and a jar of peanut butter.

Now kindly,

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By Lando
I meant for talent.......unless you are into meth bitches with no teeth. Better yet, give Whitefish a beer for me and kindly suck Lawson's dick.
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By Lando
Ski4trees wrote:Im throw a wild.guess...... You live in jackson? Haha yuppie
Not quite. I did live over that way many years ago............long before douche bags like you had a video camera and were trying to get famous.

Still, your command of the written word has me spellbound.

Weren't you friends with Rob before his accident?
By Ski4trees
Haha fuck.jackson. I wouldnt live there for shit.

Rob From three rivers in driggs? Yeah I knew him. not super close but I grew.up in I.f. and worked at targhee so I was in the the summer. Sad shit.. My lady worked with his at wells fargo in jhole.
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By Lando
From the way you write, I figure you would be from Rigby.
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