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By cool manchu
TX. wrote:No.
I said: "When I get a follow it still makes my knees twitch a bit".
Good on ya for posting up a TR anyway.
Still waiting for Coolmanshoes trip log....
It's coming... I just got my camera back.(I left it in Kyle's truck)

Nice work Kyle.(and Alan) I love that river. :cool
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By jerome
Nice,Im jealous...

WHen you said last hooray for that river, Did you mean for the year? or is it in some sort of danger?
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Nice smallies man. I met Stonedfly one night in Nola....a top shelf dude. :cool
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By Pancho Rancho
Solid as granite, in all aspects. Steal me some advanced locational devises from A. I hear he has a bunch in the back room.
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By BearsFan
[quote="Kylemc"]The day we met sealed the deal! His love for warmwater and mine are just the ticket for saying.."FUCK MIDGES AND BOBBERS"....instant friendship it was.[/quote]

Love it!
By speybait
Good, Kyle. Very good.

You used to be like a lone wold but now you're part of a pack.
By croaker
Grand TR!

One of these years I'm gonna fish that River when I'm up thar...

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