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By Transylwader
Raffa, you have my vote.
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By nicklenuts
Thank the sweet lord.... That fuck stick ruins everything. Took long enough, I knew he wouldn't go without force
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By CharlieJenkem
nicklenuts wrote:Thank the sweet lord.... That fuck stick ruins everything
One ghey neff forum hardly constitutes "everything"
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By DeShootnestGent'man
RFA wrote:anytime, gent....s.


Edit....the drake globe must be back on its axis....COL is here, drunk, and communicating to me through flagged posts.
Best piece yet, as far as I'm concerned! Publication is imperative. Surely GP can help and Bob could do a charity X-mas card! Gangbusters!
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By LuckyBastard
Thank Christ, Raffa. I was about to fly over and find that arse, and belt The-Living-Daylights out of him.

Prison Rules, of course.
By golden beetle
RFA wrote:For some reason the ban isn't sticking. I called in the real Mods for reinforcements.

In the meantime - Beetle. You are banned. I will keep deleting all of your new posts and your profile until one of the reds comes in and make it permanent.

Fuck off.
I will accept your ban and stop posting.
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By tailchaser
I don't think you have enough self control...Even though it would mean that your word is shit.
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By fallen513
A wise friend whom I have a great amount of respect for reminded me to take the higher road.

Photoshopping black men sodomizing strangers is not the high road. Entertaining, and effective perhaps, but not the high road.

I've said my peace.

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