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By shunned
shunned wrote:as the pressure seems to have eased off of our aggers and it looks as if he's some time to enjoy himself I'd just like to plant a seed and ask when the real auction is taking place.

are we there yet?
are we there now?

how 'bout now?...

cough. :coffee
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By Aguirre
Guess we're back online.
Another nice one to PBR!
Send those fivers!!
I don't know when the big auction is.
I'll email the people from CFR and find out.
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By Aguirre
Yup, that worked in your favor!
Will post the next fly tonight.
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By Aguirre
Beautiful new Childers fly tied by Woven.
I'll let him provide any extras.
Saturday, 9pm.


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By shunned
shunned wrote:
I realised last night that I may be immediately ruining the proletarians chances, so from here on out I shan't open the bidding at such a high price.
new rule: this only works for 24hrs after bids open.

now get those short hands in those long pockets, faces of fuck.

new news: and this is why my time at the sally ann Christmas drive 2011 ended first week of december.
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By shunned
bump for the jrunk and spendy... and to those who said the flies were too dear.

time to put your wonga where your gobs are, mates.
yes. I'm talking to you.

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By Aguirre
Sorry guys fell asleep watching Christmas specials.
Your post was inside the limit, congrats Augie.
Next fly coming up.
Thanks for helping the cause bro!
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By Aguirre
Another perfectly tied fly. Perfect. This was one of my favorites of all of them. Very similar to Glista's in look and style.
This one is by Charlie Jenk.
Buy a fly, fight a disease.
Ends Tues. 9pmET.


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