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By wildman
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By BearsFan
Smart move.
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By RaZ
damnit, that was one of his only posts i could actually comprehend.
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By BigTimber
I knew he wasn't wild.
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By fatman
Chasing Natives wrote:what a fuckin wuss.
easy there, Skippy....
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You'd have probably made it here just fine if you would have quit barking for two minutes. I know the first time on the internet can be a little dicey but you really really suck at it. Farewell to you, you asshatted hillbilly.
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By BearsFan
austrotard wrote:I did this once.
Shit. Perhaps the Mayans were not as far off as we all like to believe.
Wow. Are you really Scott P ?? Mitch,Shunned.AKA2Fish, Austrotard offered some of the best advice ever on the sukk. "Harden the fuck up" This advice is not heeded often enough.PUSSIES

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