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I know that a TR is something I never thought of putting together before I wandered around this wacked out place, you have to try for one on a fishing trip to do it right, some random pics on the river over a days time just doesnt cut it. But that having been said I had years of time on the water and lot of pics that I could draw from (in fact my computer had crashed not long before I joined and I lost all of my scanned old pics but I still managed) to tell some sort of a back ground story as to who I was and that I might have some goods to bring to the party.

I guess I like the intro the way it is because it shows a guy over a wider swath than a TR does. I like the guy who throws down 15 pics from different places, Tarpon, Bass, Steelhead, bird hunting and what not else makes me more intreagued than some guy going and doing a TR on some blue line somewhere because its what he had available and he wanted to join.

Personnally I also expect the core DSFK, pie, tits and such as it means someone has to do their homework and spend a little time to get the shit together to get in here. It shows respect.

I also second they should post their intro and then shut the hell up until they post a TR or two. I didnt and it was ugly for a couple of days but then then I sat back and got real quiet for a while and posted a TR or two and it has gone pretty smooth since then. I have met some of you, discovered I already knew a couple of you, and made some really solid friendships with some guys here. The depth of knowledge here is staggering. I still think I am a bit of a nube here so I dont personnally pass judgement on intros very often unless they are really good or really bad.

That said the DSFK stays! :bomb
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By Shufisher
SOBF wrote:I posted with no intro . Hoping my funbag fancy avatar gives me a pass. I think some will come with their a game and some will not. Doesn't matter what the rules are going to be.
And so it goes.
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Genome wrote:From a newbs perspective,

I was introduced to the Drake by a good friend and immediately loved what I saw, what I read, and that I had to read between the lines. My friend wisely told me to keep my head low and lurk for a while. I lurked for over a year and loved the whole process of preparing my intro, doing the background research, getting the back history on drake forum, etc

I'm on here everyday and haven't posted since my intro back in September, I don't feel like I deserve to yet. I have waited to post on other threads because I wanted my next post to be a TR, but I'm mostly a warm water guy and its fucking cold.

So here's my suggestion:

Step one post a proper intro with the requirements we expect

Step two shut up and don't post again until you post a TR

Best of both

Sit the fuck down, newb. :cool
just fuckin with ya

Anyone know what happened to Cullen's duck? Wasn't that a thing at one time? And what happened to all the Walri? Someone want to go get some vintage suk up on the front page? I'm too busy drinkin this beer to get up.
By Palometa
I rarely post on intros unless I beat Bruce Lee and his rubber-dicked nunchucks. Bastid. I do like the current intro format as it is though. IMO it does separate this board from some of the others. you throw up shit, you get called out on it. On our local lame board, nobody posts intros and few/if any TRs. I think the variety of pics in someones intro can tell ya a lot about them, show home waters, the variety of fish they catch, places they've traveled, gear, gods etc.. The current format does make you lurk a little IF you want to do it right. It took me a while to figure out what the hell DSFK was, I watched some guys burn and some succeed before I went and throw up a Intro. Those that are corkeaters, show their mug and gravel fish haven't paid attention or read the Cliffs Notes.

The current intro format probably keeps some of the thin-skinned riff raff out anyway. Good thing. There's over a 1000 looking at this board right now and only 198 of them are registered members.

I'm new, I know, and my opinion doesn't mean shit.....but I like the idea of throwing up a proper intro, then sitting in the corner until your second post is a TR.

You should also have to have a computer and not a flip phone to access this site........
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By Tailer
RT wrote:Anyone know what happened to Cullen's duck? Wasn't that a thing at one time? And what happened to all the Walri? Someone want to go get some vintage suk up on the front page? I'm too busy drinkin this beer to get up.
There's been all manner of dumbass shit on this board for years. Walri, trains, etc. I think half of Stat Rap's (where'd he go anyway?) post count was damn walrus pictures and lyrics. I was just a lurker back then, but I stopped reading the board for about a year when the Walri thing took over. Now the only place you'll find that shit is if you accidentally stumble into the PA piss matches in teh basement. Personally, I'd just as soon the board continue to drift away from that shit.

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By Yard Sale
DizzyDean wrote:I give a damn whether some guy does what he's told and sticks to the rules. Just post awesome shit. Words, flies, trips, paintings, whatever. Post cool shit or gtfo
Hate to kill my own threadwe are all attention whores right? but I couldn't agree with this more.

Well said DD.

I guess I am just coming to the realization that most of the intros are as boring as the new posters....but the exceptions make this place rule!
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This is more of an issue of Teh Suk going mainstream more and more.

Intros with fire, guns, dogs.....on a fishing site? Certainly not why I came here. Granted, some of those can be components of some sort of good TR, but as the site becomes less about the fishing (classic excuse not to fish or do TR's) and more of whether "there's guys in my frat" or not...the more it will continue to get watered down in it's quality.

Yes, there is still some quality around, but it's blurred by fucking recipes, knives, guns, kettles (sorry Mitch).

You like recipes you say? Well welcome the likes of Wildman then...

You broaden the Intro criteria and the guy who actually can't fish or is a douche covers the bases by showing his big truck, big gun, small fish...and some dead shit. To be clear, I'm not saying what is "right" or "wrong", but fuck, it's a fishing site, and if you get in here w/o the fishing...well you'll find 18 threads started by a newb like wildman (sorry to pick on you, but you're not a man of your word. When you say bie-bie....really leave then), or our new resident junky cum Kodak Moment Chasing Natives going on and fucking on. Being a junkie may mean you've had a rough life of your own devices; it does not grant you carte blanche to yap ad nauseum.

Intros do let us weed through some the regurgitated bs in Flyfishing. If it went by the way of a TR; you'd get as many tools, and also a whole new brand of tool that Teh Suk atleast, wasn't built on. Adding random shit to the Intro process especially with nothing to do with fishing does nothing except turn Joe's Bait and Tackle into Wal-Mart.

FWIW, I always subscribed to a theory of you post goods, you get leeway. You post more goods, you get more leeway. Pretty simple really; though the new crop of newbs playing judge, jury, and executioner so soon is lame. But hey, you "know some of us" so you muuuust be ok.

So much for that. How many noobs in the last year, after their Intro, no matter how good, actually posted anymore TR's the same year? They get in, and then it's Yawnsville from then on it seems.

As Yard said before somewhere, there is a some good content by some in here, but its so muddied by so much other stuff or weak effort TR's, it's kinda getting old. Who knows, maybe teh suk has jumped the shark.

Don't we do these type of threads at the beginning of every year? :coffee :cool
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By Yard Sale
Yes we I do. But at least this year I tried to throw down a new idea!

Gotta disagree with you on this place being about fishing though. 99% of the other FF sites are all about fishing. What separates the drake mag and teh suck website is this place is all about the experience associated with fishing. As somebody who posts more TRs than fish pics ive found good camp pics, river pics, crazy road trip pics, etc are more important than fish pics.

That said your TRs are among the best here and are all business!!!
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By Mike Honcho
They should be, fuckers always in cool places like New Zealand or New Zealand.
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