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By V Wake

Rivers have been high, clouds low, and the weather has basically sucked, but one of the good things about East TN is that you can always find something to fish regardless of the conditions. I made it a point to get the hell out of the house yesterday in spite of the high winds and freezing temps. Having tied warm water bugs for two days in thoughts of spring I found myself twitching at the thought of smallies, so I called my best bud, made the plan, and immediately threw my new ties in a box. I was rowing my Wonderbug 45 minutes later against stiff headwinds and whitecaps as I realized that this may be my first irrational decision of 2013. I was wrong. To say the bite was good is an understatement. It was flat out perverted. Something in the cosmos had caused every species in the river to flip their shit. We had carp, shad, largemouth, suckers, and smallies chasing flies every step of the way. We started off throwing typical winter stuff subsurface, and after a while got silly with it and started fishing junk that doesn't see the water except in the warmer months. On several occasions we had multiple smallies crashing the same top water fly. In all it was just one of those days that can't be explained or replicated.
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By Bobwhite
Bucket wrote:Very cool.
Especially since every smallie for a hundred miles around (from me) is under three feet of ice...

Not to mention all the clothes gals (up this way) have to wear just to keep their nipples from exploding.

Shit... is it only early January?

I'm really fucked.
By Kylemc
I hate Knox.
By Highsticken
Damn fine. Gonna be another 90 days at least till I get to lip one of them. :smile
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By Pedorro
Well, anybody that can pull anything other than Chrome out of a river this time of year is the man!
On Poppers too!
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By Lurgee
Every bit of that looked good.
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By InTheDrift
This is a joke. A very mean joke played on those of us north of the Mason Dixon. Very cool stuff man. :cool

Did you happen to get a water temp on the day?
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By V Wake
Water temps vary on this stream due to some underground springs that feed it. The upper end is warmest at around 61-63 and down low it was around 57.

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