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By foureyedgeek
ncguy wrote:
foureyedgeek wrote:Dang, that's a good fist. Nice one, fellas.
I see the pain killers are working. Hope you're doing well.
Ahhh shit, I blame auto-correct.
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By BearsFan
Absolutely killer.
By Kylemc
By steelhound
That's a good way to break the winter blues. Well played
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By Transylwader
You blokes are more than welcome to tell me which hole Leroy lives in. I would be happy to be the water bailiff until y'all say otherwise... :cool
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By Lando
If it wasn't for your ugly mug, skinny ass frame, and total inability to get chicks, I would be so jealous of you right now.
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By mrl0004
Very nice. I would be content with a fish like that as well! :cool

Reports as awesome as this make me hate myself.
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By Lurgee
Nice work Franzen boys. Glad to see 2013 starting off on a fishy note for you guys.
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