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By CharlieJenkem
Jed wrote:Those who post nudity and are not first time posters will be banned for 7 days on the first offense.
Worse for a second or third time.


You run a tight ship, Herr Kommandant. Your tough guy routine gives me douche chills. Want to know where you can stuff your iron fist?
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By V Wake
"Strictly speaking from a marketing perspective, threatening your user base on top of a terrible new UI is usually bad for your site statistics......

Good luck with dropping the hammer.[/quote]"

By no means has the SEFFF ever been on par with the Suk but what happened on that board a few years back is similar to this scenario. People started getting banned by the owner, accounts and PM's were hacked, and a shit show commenced all because of one guy's power trip. The very large majority of that board's life-force either fell on their own swords or just disappeared.

This place is what it is, rough around the edges, real, and in the end a place most can agree is a safe place to be dysfunctional. Once the fun is taken out of the dysfunction things could get really ugly in a hurry. This ship has run a somewhat straight line for a long time without a particularly heavy-handed presence. No need to pour kerosene on a perfectly good camp fire.
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By BearsFan
Tailer wrote:
Strictly speaking from a marketing perspective, threatening your user base on top of a terrible new UI is usually bad for your site statistics. I don't have the numbers for this site in particular, but experience in the field tells me that your advertising revenue is not based off of site visits for Tom's Blog Jam.

You can tow the company line, and maybe I'm wrong and the Drake website defies convention, but I'd imagine the users do as much for the site as the site does for them. A cursory glance at the index footer can tell you that a site that was absolutely humming around Christmas is no longer.

Good luck with dropping the hammer.
Shhhh. Jed is trying to book the last of the 2x2 ad spots at the bottom of the page with that new womens tactical fly rod company. This will only confuse him.

Why don't you guys find sponsors more suited to the crowd? Non-fly fishing stuff, industry ads are practically useless in a place like this, ask any of your old sponsors. Its marketing, not rocket surgery. I bet some obscure ginger, side boob, tattoo, thong site would pay you fools double what you are scraping together currently. Just think of all the click throughs that fucking banner ad would generate. It is hard for me to believe you will find one contributor to this forum who will ever book "Pro Fishermen and Skier Cody Townsend". I doubt many lurkers would either unless the accidentally stumbled in here via ask jeeves. With a bit of thought you could probably generate more revenue through this thing than that big piece of mail you make us wait around for. How much did putting the mag in plastic covers cost you? You should of used that to hire some sort of internet marketing guru. You own a virtual rolodex full of people who fly fish as a hobby for dog sakes, USE IT!

Nemo can send me more stickers or a hoodie, or send Mitch $5 for me.

Oh yeah, remember when you banned everyone a few weeks back? Somehow we were all able to bs without this place, and we didn't have to sift through to drivel like this.
By Kylemc
^^^I love her^^^
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By Tailer
BearsFan wrote:You should of used that to hire some sort of internet marketing guru. You own a virtual rolodex full of people who fly fish as a hobby for dog sakes, USE IT!
Not only that, look at the names (the real ones) who are in here (and not just the ones who post). Why do you think they come here? You have access to many of the influencers in your market. Plenty of Fortune 500 companies pay millions every year for the sort of market research that turns up information you already have. Trust me, it doesn't take a guru to make use of it.
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By BearsFan
Apparently it does. Guru was used in jest. I should have said monkey.

Hilariously I have some gaps in the contact list on my new phone. I used the very cool rolodex page on another fishing site to call a graphic designer this morning, his number was not listed on facebox and I didn't want to waste time checking linkedin. Needed a logo, got to talk fishing. Work and play, one phone call. Amazing!
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Cut the guy some slack. I am confident that Jed knew he was going to get shit for his post. I am guessing he wrote it because he is sick of deleting nudity on here, not to display power or beat anyone down. I don't delete porn, not because of any political stance, but out of laziness and the fact that it takes me long enough to delete spam with my limited knowledge of how websites operate. in short, I'm a shitty Mod, and Jed is better at it than I am.

As far as the "we run this ship" attitude....bullshit. The skatepark was built nemo, we're just using it. As far as I know, this is still a losing venture for Tom. In a business scenario, an employee going to the boss and saying "I built this" as a power play when "this" is in the red isn't the best strategy for getting your way.
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By foureyedgeek
I want to visit Tailer and BearsFan's clubhouse. It sounds less cranky and has nekkid chicks.
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By BearsFan
"I don't think you read me's not like I give a shit" - Warren Oates

I am saying there is definitely a way to make this a profitable venture. That was my point. I could give 2 shits about assumed authority and "we run this ship" mentalities. There are fishing forums I no longer visit due to tasteless (IMHO) nudity. I was not aware of rampant nudity on the drake. Maybe that is because jed is so good at his job.

Boobies bad, penis drawings good. Got it. What if I draw the nude women? Oh wait, The one above is likely the second against the rules nude women I have ever posted. 2 in 3376 is a pretty low fraction, way beyond the realm of being statistically irrelevant. It wont be an issue. I move that penis drawings be banned as well though, how many of those have you graced us with? Fucks sake, you have your own "galleria" thread on it. Lets have some sort of consistency.
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Why does it always have to come back to the dick drawings? At least they are original and not googled. How's about this, homemade naked chick pictures are accepted? I have no authority to suggest this, I am just a green mod.

Cartoons are exempt. Draw naked chicks all you want. I would be interested to see some of the submissions.

Where is TP in this whole thing? I think a healthy dose of narcissistic vitriol is warranted.
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By BearsFan
Hopefully he banned himself.
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